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04/04/2015 - BACKYARD JOINTS presents: FREDFADES & IVAN AVE (Oslo / NO) @ Panke (Berlin)

04/04/2015 @ Panke (Berlin)



- Fredfades & Ivan Ave (Oslo / NO)
(King Underground Records / Jakarta Records)

"For those that haven’t heard of Fredfades, he’s a hip hop producer/DJ originating from 

Norway. Fred’s a well-travelled DJ who’s played all over Europe & the US. He’s been
collecting vinyl from the early age of 14 and collects all kinds of music  from, jazz, modern 
soul, boogie, mid 60's psych to late-eighties electronic dance music.

Fred is one-third of the crew; along with partners Deckdaddy & John Rice the three 

together make “The Oslo SP Ensemble”. They've released a series of CDs called the 
“SP Shit Series” which have become cult-classics among the SP-1200 producers around 
the world. There are five volumes, all available for free download, which you can find 
online. The crew haven’t released anything together for a while but Fred has continued to
put out beat tapes on his own and has a lot of music in the stash.

Ivan Ave’s real name is Eivind Øygarden. He’s 25 and comes from Telemark, Norway. 

He’s a DJ/MC and record collector who collects jazz, funk and soul and was part of the 
Norwegian hip hop group “The Afeeliated”. Ivan teaches music, English & cooking in a 
junior high school in Norway. After making contact with Fredfades his main focus has been 
to build and make music together, merely for the love of it.

Fred and Ivan (who called himself Ivy League back then) recorded an EP together back 

in 2009 which they called ‘The Brains’ EP. They released it on Fred’s own label, “Reppin' 
Outta Control”. There were three producers doing the beats back then, Deckdaddy, John 
Rice & Fredfades. Fred first met Ivan Ave at a party through some graffiti dudes they both 
knew. He had already heard his music with Bishop (part of the group “The Afeeliated”) and 
knew he was a skilled rapper. The two then followed up “The Brains” EP with a free digital 
EP called ‘Pine Trees’. Ivan then focused on a new project with Bishop following up with a 
new volume of the mix tape “Saving The City”. (They put out two mix tapes with the same 

After that Ivan Ave moved to Oslo. The two started to hang out more and started recording 

new music. Fred’s philosophy has always been to create "theme-less" music without trying 
to work to a concept/sound and to build up a collection of the songs to pick from. He’s on 
the beats 24-7, his archive is HUGE so it’s a tough pick. Some of the beats on the 
“Breathe” project are old and some are relatively new. Ivan was given carte blanche, 
writing to whatever he was feeling, then Fred took care of the mixing and tried to make a 
red line sound wise. The combination of these two is so fresh and brings a new, whilst still
classic, sound to the game."

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- BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music / Backyard Joints)

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- HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)

- Sotah

Event link:

Panke e.V.
Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V.
13347, Wedding, Berlin



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