Samstag, 29. September 2012


Vocal tracks by Damu are few and far in between, but when we get one ... it's always dope.  On Same Beat, Damu The Fudgemunk is not only on the beat, he's rapping and doing razor sharp cuts too.  A triple threat.  "Same Beat" first appeared back in 08 as a free digital download, and you can still get the track for free if you never heard it before.  Classic material on a high quality 7" vinyl pressing at 45RPM, complete with cover sleeve.  If you've never heard the song, grab a copy on wax and take us up on the free mp3 and enjoy.  
Straight black vinyl, no color variations this time.  
A Side
Same Beat (Vocal Version)     

B Side
Same Beat (Instrumental)

All songs produced, written, mixed, arranged, 
performed (cuts too) and recorded by 
Damu The Fudgemunk


Emcee/producer duo Dag Savage consists of L.A. producer Exile and Johaz on mic duties. The latter is relatively new to the world of hip hop, but no where new when it comes to his talents on the mic. Fashawn and Co$$ join them on this new track titled "Cali Dreamin'".

Beautifully flipped piano keys with mellow 

drums assist the three emcees for a down-to-earth track. A 7″ vinyl record with the song "Mic Jackson" on the B-side is out now on Dirty Science, which you can order below through Fat Beats.

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012


BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 2 - 7'inch Edition
Tracks from:
- Remy LeBeau
- Lootpack
- Ice Rocks (DXA)
- Damu The Fudgemunk      
- DJ Gman & Blu
- Budamunky & Mabanua
- 3582 & Pase Rock
- Tall Black Guy
- Dexter
- KanKick

THE WORD IS BOND presents --- BeatPete - Vinyl Session
Every 2nd & 4th Sunday a new ca. 15 Minutes, strictly vinyl mix with some 
DOPE Hip Hop, Beats, forgotten Classics, Funk, Soul & Jazz.
Presented by BeatPete (HitYaWitThat / EndOfTheWeak) - Berlin
NEXT Vinyl Sessions - 14/10 & 28/10
For more Infos:
-The Word Is Bond Blog -

Montag, 24. September 2012


11 Track LP - Beats & Remixe       


01. The Travelers Ghost

02. I'm Chillin' (feat. Concrete Cee)

03. Beatnuts - Props Over Here (Skipless Remix)

04. Time (Interlude)

05. Nas - One Love (Skipless Remix)

06. Dark Matter

07. Common - I Use To Love H.E.R. (Skipless Remix)

08. Introspection (feat. Praverb)

09. Vibe

10. Outro

11. Charizma - My World Premiere (Skipless Bonus Remix)

released 19 March 2011

Freitag, 21. September 2012


New Beat by the talented Beatmaker from Switzerland
More Melodiesinfonie Beats -

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 1

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 1
A ca. 16 Minutes Hip Hop / Beat Mix - STRICTLY VINYL
Tracks from:
- Mulatu Astakte
- Soulmade
- Damu The Fudgemunk
- Jazz Liberatorz
- Black Star feat. Black Thought          
- K-Def
- Doppelgangaz
- KanKick
- Suff Daddy
- Chief
- People Under The Stairs
Recorded: 20/09/2012

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 1 from BeatPete on Vimeo.


Crate Digger, Daily Smoker & Beatmaker from Łódź
Flippin’ Jazz Samples on s950 / 2000xl

Instrumental album produced on s950/2000xl, strictly from vinyl samples
released 30 January 2012 

cuts by funkrischi 
track 6 featuring antyk 
artwork by mr. krum

Montag, 17. September 2012


Ras G guides a deep space exploration of music’s ancient history and rich future. Working thru obsolete tools to reach back in time and pluck out the essence of groove, Ras G's music is rich with space-funktified rhythms, fog horns, natty chattin, subterranean bass lines, colossal percussion and glorious highs.

Ras G has been a fixture on the underground hiphop scene in Los Angeles since the early 90s. He is a proud South Central LA resident. Ras along with
Black Monk and Ron Stivers are the founders of the Poo-Bah Label. 

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Word Is Bond EXCLUSIVE Mix – Diggin’ Sound by DJ BeatPete

BeatPete (HitYaWitThat), has put together this one hour of contemporary hip hop, 
featuring some of WIB’s favorite producers/MC’s, exclusively for us….
Major props to BeatPete for taking the time to put this dope compilation together.

1. Intro – Welcome
2. Suff Daddy – Beate
3. Dexter – Stardust
4. Simiah – Lost Dreams
5. Apollo Brown, Hassaan Mackay & Finale – Higher
6. Oddisee – Such Is Life
7. Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Day By Day
8. Midnight Eez – Night Walk
9. Twit Uno – Mariquita
10. Dexter – James Flip
11. Ras G. – Leave
12. Budamunk - Buds
13. Interlude
14. PeanutButterWolf Vs. Mothra
15. Brenk Sinatra – Anotha All Nighta
16. Dr. Who Dat & Count Bass D. – Kelly Drive
17. Suff Daddy & Oddisee – The Only Way I Know
18. KanKick – Kanstrumental No. 5 (Spiritual Dojo)
19. The Herbaliser feat. Roots Manuva – Starlight
20. Hezekiah – You
21. Onra & Quetzal – You Don’t Have To Go
22. Fantastic Planet – Last Days
23. Brenk Sintra – Whereva
24. Obba Supa feat. John Robinson & Ray Vendetta – Midnight Madness – RMX
25. Insight – Distortion
26. Mos Def – If You Can Huh – You Can Hear
27. Midnight Eez – The Last Chance
28. DDay One – Sea Change (Alternative Mix)
29. Rjd2 – Work
30. Leroy Hutson – Cool Out
31. Quasimoto – Bluffin’
32. Outro

Uniting Hip Hop's Underground - The Word Is Bond - Blog

Thanks & Peace 2 The Word Is Bond Crew


Jay and Soulo, the two-man hip-hop production team which has been blessing eardrums since their first release in 98, have consistently dropped well crafted hip-hop joints on wax platters, all of which to the pleasure of hip-hop fans worldwide. Their back to basics format of flavorful beats, scratched choruses, and hype rhymes, garnered the Sound Pro's an enthusiastic following which continued to grow as each anticipated 12 inch dropped. Motivated by the positive feedback, from both press and the hip-hop community alike, Jay and Soulo headed straight to the lab and never resurfaced. In 2001 when faced with the departure of their lead mc, the Sp's kept it moving and reached out to some of their favorite mc's for collaborations on a new project. The results from these sessions made up the long-overdue, and highly praised debut lp, "An Evening With The Sound Providers". With a much more polished sound, the two beat scientists showed (and proved) that they could take the weight of a full length lp, and hinted at the potential of the fly San Diego maestro's. The Sound Providers were in full effect... but they we're just getting started.

Enter an up and coming microphonist out of Florida, named Surreal.

This longtime hip-hop fanatic has been steadily making moves, paying dues and retiring scores of mc's within a 500 mile radius of his lab in Tampa Bay. A true mc in every sense of the word, this master of ceremony has the uncanny ability to switch from off the top battle mode, to super fly rhyme kicking braggadocios mc, to a soulful and introspective song-writing artist, all encased in an effortless flow that only comes from a gifted and natural rhymer. Also known for his hype showmanship live on stage, Surreal is know to move the crowd. On one particularly warm Florida evening, amidst a sea of hands in the air, one member of the crowd was both moved and IMPRESSED. The cat in the crowd was Jay Skills, and he immediately recognized the potential of the talented mc. Shortly thereafter, the two met for the first time and made plans to connect in the studio. Soulo hopped on the first flight to the sunshine state, meet up with the fly mc and producer in Jay's vintage studio, and the chemistry was instantly clear.

Surreal and the SP's were born.

The following months consisted of a flurry of beat cd's, song idea discussions, rhymes inked, samples scratched, album conceptualizing, being extremely hype and long hours in the lab. The results were layed to tape and the efforts, expertise, and essence of these three hip-hop fiends were captured and stamped into jet black wax for the world to hear. So lend an ear to the fresh sounds of the three rap fans with a master plan, Surreal and the SP's. Did they make a dope record?

True indeed.


Jazz Liberatorz are three beatmakers originated from Meaux, France. 
Created in 1999
Jazz Liberatorz are DJ Damage, Dusty and Madhi
LP Releases:
- Clien D'oeil (2008)
- Fruit Of The Past

Sonntag, 9. September 2012


HitYaWitThat @ Radio Juicy - New Mix 


Part # 1 - BeatPete

Tracks from:
1. Intro - HitYaWitThat
2. Dirty Treats & Praverb The Wyse - Original
3. Surreal & The Sound Providers - Just Gettin' Started
4. Lex - The Rules
5. Monkey Sequence 19 - Summer Blu
6. Doppelgangaz - Eye
7. Kev Brown - Makeba
Part # 2 - Djeez
Tracks from:
8. Sir Manley - Wake Up
9. TY - The Tale
10. J-Zone - Kizzi´s Revenge
11. L´Orange - Lost Souls
12. Natural Ressource - Negro league Baseball
13. Messiah - Survival of the Foetus
Part # 3 - HiFilLab
Tracks from:
14. deeB - Coffee and Trees
15. Dibiase - Early
16. Dela - Can It B So Simple
17. Dj Mitsu - Mood for Otis
18. 7evenThirty - The Business
19. Def Dee - Golden
20. MelMel Flh - 10h00
21. Dj Mitsu - M.o.o.d for Otis feat. Medaphoar
22. Dela - Tribute
23. Jay Dee - Vanity And Slide
Part # 4 - Radio Juicy
Tracks from:
24. Broke/ - Ain´t it
25. Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Sun nowhere
26. Mr. Brady and Elaquent - Yo Yo! (feat. Moka Only)
27. Ta-ku - Say no
28. Evil Needle - Jazzy Piano
28. OverDoz - Lauren London
29. Modlee & Vlooper - Sunwalk ft. Kenlo (Alaclair)

Released 08/09/2012
HitYaWitThat DJ-Crew / Berlin are DJEEZ - BEATPETE - HIFILLAB
More Mixtapes: Hit Ya Wit That HitYaWitThat Blog: www.hityawitthat.blogspot


Montag, 3. September 2012


Tall Black Guy Vs. Al Green - 7'inch

Side A - Al Green's Dream
Side B - Talk Together

released 20 March 2012 
Produced By Tall Black Guy 
Mixed By Yusef Rumperfield at Blackman Studios

NEW BEAT by HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)

Smooth, Laid-back Beat by HiFilLab from the HitYaWitThat Crew


DOPE EP by CLOUD9 & JOLLY JAY (HitYaWitThat Host)

After JollyJay & H-to-O's album Scattered Colours On The Rubiks Cube this is 
JollyJay's first solo EP. 
Solely produced by Cloud9 from Brighton. Chilled out vibes on this one and it is FREE!

released 04 June 2012 

Beats - Cloud9 
Lyrics/Vocals - JollyJay 
Features - H-to-O, Jakaboski & Bajka
Album Artwork - Tom Hines


What's happening at Redefinition? - 2012 Previews & Demos

Here's a special preview of some upcoming records, plus some demos / unfinished songs.

Featuring music by:

Damu The Fudgemunk, Quartermaine, K-Def, Seven Shawn, Kaimbr, Def Dee, 
Joc Max, Tony Williams ft. Kanye West, Raw Poetic, El Da Sensei, Artifacts, 
Jamal Bufford & Majestik Legend, Union ft. Elzhi & Talib Kweli, 
Mass Influnce and Kev Brown.

Visit for the latest info and records.

 Product Placement #3

Sonntag, 2. September 2012


Instrumental Mix by Djeez (HitYaWitThat-DJ-Crew) 

ca. 30 Minutes Dope Beats 

Djeez - Dust Grooves From the 90's