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Dedicated to the dopest Joints in Grown Up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk & Soul.
Creating a Sounscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch.

Backyard Joints is inviting you to a night filled with auditory treats and visual feasts.

It's time to celebrate, BeatPete is turning 30!

What better way to celebrate then to bring to you some of the finest 

European Beatmakers together in one place, along with the Berlin based 
Hip Hop duo Jolly Jay & HtoO together with Singer/Songwriter Bajka.
Your DJ's for the evening will be, the HitYaWitThat DJ Crew 

(Djeez, BeatPete & HiFilLab) + MT & Soulix from the Beat Kollektiv.


Beatmaker Line Up:
- Lex & Parental (KALHEX)
(Akromégalie Records, Paris, France)

- Klaus Layer / Captain Crook (Redefinition Records)

- HitYaWitThat DJ-Crew (BeatPete - Djeez - HiFilLab)
- MT (BeatKollektiv / Wedding Soul)
- Soulix (BeatKollektiv / Wedding Soul)

- Jolly Jay & HtoO feat. Bajka

Panke e.V.
Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5
13347, Wedding, Berlin


WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE Present - BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 8

The 8th episode of these series, BeatPete features WIB favourites  Jazz Liberatorz, Dela,
DJ Spinna, K-Def, Diverse, amongst others…(tracklist after the jump)…
expect the next episode on 13/01/2013

Mixed by BeatPete (HitYaWitThat / Berlin)

THE WORD IS BOND & Present - BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 8

Tracks from:
- Kalhex (Le Makizar)
- Jazz Liberatorz & Raashan Ahmad
- Dela & Blu 

- DJ Spinna
- K-Def
- Soul Square
- Diverse
- Fat Jon
- Beat Conductor
- Outro

Recorded 23/12/2012

NEXT Vinyl Session – 13/01/2013 – Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE

Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012


The Godfather is back! Vinyl only releases from 2002 and 2006, now for the first time available in a nice HQ digital package. The free bonus track 'Flying' features pedal-steel guitar by J.J. - European Pedal Steel King. Hawdee folks!

released 05 February 2004
Kid Sundance: music/production
Dudley Perkins: vocals/lyrics
Edward Capel: Alto Clarinet 

KanKick – Rummage To Royalty - EP - 2011

KanKick - Rummage To Royality - EP - Snippet
D'Akkord Records / 2011

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012


WAITING - produced by Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange)

Mellow Orange 2012

released 24 September 2012 

1. We Wrote A Song About It                    
2. Infinite Loop
3. Masquerade
4. Gone
5. Across The Sky
6. If I Say (Bonus)
7. When You Sleep (Free DL)


PHOTOS - VINYL SESSION @ CAFE WENDEL (Berlin) - 15/12/2012

VINYL SESSION @ CAFE WENDEL (Berlin) - 15/12/2012

Presented by Afromaniac & BeatPete (HitYaWitThat)
Guest DJ: Djeez (HitYaWitThat)


Like Showbiz and AG, Twit One and Lazy Jones like their pockets fat not flat. 
But as fate would have it, this is not always the case with these two young musicians 
from Cologne. That's why they call their new band Flatpocket and have recorded 
a concept album based on this topic, titled „Geldfundphantasyen“ 

Check the LP on

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

15/12/2012 - VINYL SESSION @ Cafe Wendel (Berlin)

VINYL SESSIONS with Afromaniac & BeatPete (HitYaWitThat)  

- Old & New Underground Hip Hop - Instrumental Hip Hop - Beats - Funk - Soul - Jazz


Guest DJ: Djeez (HitYaWitThat)


Cafe Wendel
Schlesische Str. 42
10997 Berlin


REVIEW - ANTIDOTE RADIO - LIVE @ Home - 12/12/2012

Recorded: 12/12/2012
DJ's: HitYaWitThat DJ-Crew (BeatPete - Djeez - HiFilLab)

Review Part 2 - BeatPete
Tracks from:
Mr Brown, Surreal & The Sound Providers, K-Def, Kista & Tableek, Maspyke,
Lacks & Elzhi, Exile & Blu, Digable Planets, Midnight Eez, Jeru The Damaja,

Review Part 1 - Djeez
Tracks from:
MF Love, Damu The Fudgemunk, INI, De La Soul, Jamal (Maloon TheBoom RMX),
TY, Black Moon (Wun Two RMX), Reflection Eternal, Quasimoto, Diverse,
Slum Village,...

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


Both songs produced, written and performed by Kev Brown.
Remastered Audio on a high quality vinyl pressing via DMM Mastering.
Includes instrumental versions of both songs.
Cover illustration by Joe Buck.
Low Budget Records, Cat # LB006
Side A
  1. Always (Vocal)
  2. Albany (Instrumental)
Side B 
  1. Albany (Vocal)
  2. Always (Instrumental)


October 2nd 2010 at Funkadelic Studios in New York.
Filmed/Edited by JNOTA

Damu on Drums, Part 2 - Filmed at Funkadelic Studios in New York.
Music by Damu The Fudgemunk, Filmed/Edited by JNOTA (Nikon D5000)

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

The View From The Other Side: J-Dilla A European Remembrance

About The Documentary:

The View From The Other Side: J-Dilla A European Remembrance 

All the greats have great stories about James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla; 
now it's the turn of a continent.

Musician; Producer; MC; and Visionary: J Dilla's short but prolific life span has impacted music fans the world over.

A celebration of his life and times, Director Shernay LaTouche gives us: The View from the Other Side: J-Dilla A European Remembrance.

Filmed over a two and a half year period (2009 -- 2012) Shernay LaTouche travelled to four major European cities; London, Paris, Lausanne (Switzerland) and Berlin to share the stories of dedicated J Dilla fans and investigate the legacy left behind.
The journey led to the discovery of underground cultures and communities, with each having initiated their own celebratory response to Yancey's musical legacy. 

Onra, Chief, BeatPete (HitYaWitThat), Lefto, Mr. Thing, Hazeem, Saneyes, Mr. Comb, 
Willey Sunshine, Paul "JukeBoxx" Asante,...

Directed & Produced by Shernay LaTouche 

Release: 03/2013

More News:

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012


Alongside DJ Jamad (Afromentals/The Aphilliates), Locsmif entered the mixtape scene in 2004 with the highly-acclaimed  Outskirts: The Unofficial Lost OutKast Remixes, an OutKast remix CD, consequently expanding Locsmif's fan base and laying the foundation for his widely received Divine Dezignz series. In early 2005, Locsmif's Divine Dezignz 1: Discovery, a collection of his original soul and hip-hop instrumentals, made its debut at iTunes and was featured on three consecutive iTunes Street Official Mixtapes. Adding upon the success of Discovery, Locsmif secured a national distribution deal with Fontana through High Wire Music to release Divine Dezignz 1.2: Re-Discovered. Guests on the record include Lil Sci (from Scienz Of Life and Sol Uprising), Stahhr 
(from MF Doom / King Geedorah’s “Take Me To Your Leader” LP), and others.

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

GRAP LUVA - 7 Minutes of Sound - SP1200 Beats - Part 1 & 2


GRAP LUVA - 7 Minutes of Sound - SP1200 Beats - Part 1 & 2

Part 1...Grap Luva (formerly of INI) plays some SP1200 Beats and talks about the 
making of Pete Rock's "Half Man, Half Amazing."

Part 2... Grap Luva plays some unreleased SP1200 beats and talks about the 
making of some songs from his discography, how he got into music, his father, 
his brother Pete Rock, and more.

OHMEGA WATTS - Producer / MC / DJ

Ohmega Watts' first release was “A Request”, a soulful and DJ-friendly solo 12” 
featuring his group Lightheaded and Quannum Recording Artists The Lifesavas
“A Request” received praise from respected DJs, including Mr. Scruff, Gilles Peterson, Greyboy, and the Los Angeles-based Heavyweight Record Pool. Ohmega Watts' sound was compared to Digital Underground drunkenly colliding with Pete Rock at a high rate of speed.
A record deal with Ubiquity Records was signed shortly after this first release. Ohmega Watts' first solo album, "The Find", was released on Ubiquity in 2005.
Producing since 1997 and MCing since 1993 the Ohmega Watts resume includes tracks produced for Mars Ill on Ill Boogie, for Listener on Mush, plus he’s recorded as Lightheaded for Day By Day Ent, and as Return To Sender on the Piece of The Action compilation. Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, brought up by Jamaican parents Campbell moved to Florida for college and then settled in Portland, Oregon. He is now part of a bustling Northwest independent scene that includes the Lifesavas (who appeared on his debut single), Boom Bap, Soul Plasma, DJ and MC MungXXXtreme, Libretto, Lightheaded and The Blacknotes.


Dday One - Between Poles (Live)

Taken from: Dday One | Glen Porter: 

- Wavelengths (Limited 10" Vinyl / 300 Worldwide)
LABEL: Content (L)abel + Ooohh! Thats Heavy

NEW MIX - BeatPete (HitYaWitThat) & Benito Turntable - DOPENESS IN 2012 - Mix

New Mix from BeatPete from the Berlin based HitYaWitThat Crew & Montreal (Canada) based DJ Benito Turntable. A 60 Minutes Underground Hip Hop & Beats Mix. 
Strictly DOPE tracks released in 2012.

BeatPete & Benito Turntable - Dopeness In 2012 - Mix
- Underground Random Hip Hop & Beats -
Part # 1 - BeatPete (Berlin) - Strictly Vinyl
1. Intro
2. Simiah - Summertime
3. Doppelgangaz - Here we go
4. Lex (de Kalhex) - Deadly Rotation
5. Suff Daddy - Pattern Select
6. Soulmade - Interlude
7. Exile & Blu - Seasons
8. Propo'88 & Blabbermouf - Boogiewitdaruffneck
9. Mass Influence - Morning Breath Chasers - Instrumental
10. Kev Brown - Makeba
11. Dag Savage feat. Fashawn & Co$$ - California Dreamin'
12. Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Tree Times - Reh Mix
13. Elaquent - Work Of Art
14. Green Butter - Living Upstairs
15. Kalhex - Outro
Part # 2 - Benito Turntable (Montréal)
1. Téhu - Intro
2. Actual Proof feat. Scoopay - Skate Kids II
3. Oddisee - American Greed
4. Gensu Dean feat. Count Bass D- City Limits
5. Casual & J. Rawls - Aint Tryna Hear
6. Suff Daddy feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi - Det2bln
7. The Audible Doctor feat. Von Pea
8. F.U.B.U.8. ScienZe & King I Divine - Enjoy Tonight
9. Swerve & SYG - Strees
10. KonSICKwence & Skip Sanders - Make History
11. Clear Soul Forces - Half As Long
12. JR&PH7 - Bloody Sunday
13. Piece of Mind - Strive
14. Conrad feat Ashley Audio - Suddenly Unclear
15. Endz - Kickin Frees
16. Skribe Beatz - Outro
Released 02/12/2012


Maloon TheBoom is a Zürich based Producer/Musician.
He's going to release his first Ep called "Critical Mind EP".
Maloon TheBoom first came in touch with producing in 2008.
His unique groove and his combination of crispy banging drums and smooth deep 
melodic coalesced with brilliant use of samples sets him upon others.
Clearly influenced by the golden age of Hip Hop and Jazz/Soul/Blues, he creates an individual music style in a uncommercial musical movement.
His forthcoming Ep includes a couple of fresh remixes and tasty tunes.
Critical Mind offers great music for anyone.
“The message coming with the Ep is to think critical - meaning that everyone 
should have his OWN opinion basing on love and a critical view of the world. 
This is what I want to express with my music on this Ep.“
Maloon TheBoom
“If you haven't heard of this young talented producer before, you definitely should check him out!“ Boyoom Connective