Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

01/02/2013 - BACKYARD JOINTS @ Panke (Berlin) Beat Set: Figub Brazlevič / DJ's: MT, BeatPete & HiFilLab

BACKYARD JOINTS @ Panke (Berlin)

Dedicated to the dopest Joints in Grown Up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk & Soul.
Creating a Sounscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch.

MT & BeatPete bringing you their highly contagious Dope on Plastic

- Figub Brazlevič - Oldschool Future / Sichtexot

Figub Brazlevič is a Berlin-based beat producer and a talented member of the new generation of HipHop beatmakers. Drawing inspiration from various music styles 

like jazz, soul, funk and blues, Figub has been releasing music for the last sixteen 
years. His beats are a chase for the groove, propelled by thumping drums and 
swinging percussion.

Growing up in the Golden Era influenced him a lot and is mirrored in his music: 

he always shows his respect to a time that largely defined the music he loves and makes. Expect a bass-driven mixture of classic Hip Hop and fresh new sounds, synthetic and sampled: not tied down a specific musical genre but open to any and all inspiring influences.
His stage experience ranges from solo performances and supporting DJ's to on-stage collaborations accompanied by live bands.



- BeatPete (HitYaWitThat)
- MT (BeatKollektiv / Wedding Soul)

Guest DJ:
- HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)

Panke e.V.
Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5
13347, Wedding, Berlin


Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

FOKA (Blunted Astronaut Records) Poland


FOKA (Blunted Astronaut Records) Poland
Crate digger, daily smoker and beatmaker from Łódź. 
Flippin’ Jazz samples on sp1200 and s950

22/02/2013 - HitYaWitThat @ Edelweiss (Berlin) - SOON MORE INFOS


New DOPE mix from Djeez (HitYaWitThat)
Over 60 minutes with tracks from:

Natural Elements, Da Grassroots, Mr. Complex, KanKick & Dr. Oop, Maspyke,
Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Slum Village, De La Soul, INI, Afu-Ra, The Pharcyde,
Count Bass D., Saukrates, K-otix, Nas (RMX), Jamal (RMX),...

WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE Present - BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 10

WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE Present - BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 10

It's time for another Vinyl Session by BeatPete (HitYaWitThat)
This time you can enjoy 30 min. of smooth beats to ease your mind 
AND for the first time you are able to download the whole session! 

Tracks from:                                                       

1. Intro
2. Flatpocket - Jingle
3. L'Orange - We Call It Despair
4. Eric Lau & Oddisee - What I'd Rather
5. Exile & Blu - Maybe One Day
6. Dela - La Bonne Attitude
7. Othello & Surreal - Cycle
8. J-Live - Don't Play
9. Surreal & The Sound Providers - True Indeed
10. Liquid Crystal Project - Remember When
11. Jazz Liberatotz feat. Fatlip, Tre Hardson & Omni - Ease My Mind
12. Flatpocket - Sofortrente


NEXT Vinyl Session - 10/02/2013 - Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE




Freitag, 18. Januar 2013


KingUnderground was established in 2005 as an independent online-record outlet operating from Milton Keynes. Today KU has evolved into a record label, specialising in the finest underground hip-hop and related beat music.
The aim of the label is to release quality underground music on vinyl as well as in digital formats. Whilst always being educated by the past and capturing the classic hip-hop sound, KingUnderground also endeavours to break new ground and introduce innovative forward thinking music.
At KingUnderground we are dedicated to recognising and releasing quality music above all else. We embrace new artists as well as established ones who possess the talent, vision and passion to create something original.
Lewis Parker, Planet Asia, Mr. Brown, Simiah and Pings are some of KingUnderground’s growing roster of artists.
With love for the vinyl format, we aim to release a desirable, delectable and collectable music package. Creative artwork and impeccably-mastered sound will remain at the core of each project.

KU was co-founded by friends Dan Englander and Peter McCaffrey whose passion for good music, record collecting and hip-hop inspired them to start a retail outlet. Now it is owned solely by Dan but it operates on the basis of a collective with a love for music, skateboarding, visual art, film and record collecting. This has helped transform KingUnderground into an independent record label. In late 2010 KingUnderground Records was formed.
Whilst moving away from retail, KingUnderground will continue to stock music from like-minded record labels such as Redefinition Records, Slice-of-Spice & Ill Adrenaline. We share a love of music and values with these independent labels and want to continue to support them by stocking and distributing their releases.
KingUnderground also has a desire to work collaboratively on projects with other labels, as shown with the World of Dusty Vinyl / KingUnderground Records releases.

KingUnderground / WODV Collaboration
Lewis Parker & John Robinson were booked by KU for a show in the UK when they were touring for the International Summers album. After striking up a good rapport it seemed the combination would be a successful one for future projects.
In early 2010 they released Lewis Parker, ‘The Puzzle: The BIG Game. Episode 1’ because the vinyl treatment for the album was well overdue. Several releases later and the projects are going strong. Expect plenty more to come from the KU/WODV collaboration.

For more Infos, LP's, Artists,... http://www.kingunderground.com/

KLAUS LAYER / LIVE on the MPC / Backyard Joints @ Panke, Berlin / 04/01/2013

KLAUS LAYER (Captain Crook / Redefinition Records)
LIVE on the MPC + BeatPete & Djeez (HitYaWitThat) on the decks 

Backyard Joints - BeatPete's Birthday Special @ Panke, Berlin / 04/01/2013

The Adventures of Captain Crook coming soon!!!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Mr Brown / Buy Records / DephectClothingLDN

Sampling breaks is at the core of Hip Hop music and played a crucial role in it's foundation and development. The Buy Records video project shows a brief insight into the process of how vinyl is traditionally sampled in the production of Hip Hop. It follows UK producer 
Mr. Brown while out digging for records, then at his studio chopping up a sample and making a beat.

Whether you buy an old used record for 50p or a freshly pressed new release, help support independent music and keep vinyl alive. Buy Records.

The finished track by Mr. Brown will be available to buy on vinyl in the not too distant future, but for now you can download it;

Filmed and edited by Matt Drane from Dephect.

Big thanks to Julian at Second Scene for letting us film at the shop.




Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

BACKYARD JOINTS @ Panke (Berlin) - Trailer

BACKYARD JOINTS @ Panke (Berlin)

Dedicated to the dopest Joints in Grown Up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk, Soul & Jazz.
Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch.

MT & BeatPete bringing you their highly contagious Dope on Plastic

Every month with different Beatmaker & DJ's @ Panke (Berlin)

Klaus Layer (Captain Crook), Lex & Parental (Kalhex),
Bajka & Afromaniac, JollyJay & HtoO, Djeez (HitYaWitThat),
HiFilLab (HItYaWitThat), Keys Richard & Arcade Head, Soulix

Upcoming Guests:
Figub Brazlevič, J-Zen (Dooinit Music), Simiah,...

More Info's:

Thanks 2 all artists!!!

Beat by Klaus Layer (Captain Crook) - Gemetzel Geplant Ganove

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

JJ DOOM 'WINTER BLUES' live on BBC Radio 4

DOOM performing 'WINTER BLUES' on BBC Radio 4 show Loose Ends presented 
by Clive Anderson. 11th August 2012. Track taken from his forthcoming album as 

Recorded live at BBC Broadcasting House in central London in one take with instrumentation from Mara Carlyle (musical saw), Oliver Coates (cello), 

Hejira's Sam Beste (piano) and Alexis Nunez (drums).

Jay Prince - Trashy (Official Video HD) Maloon Remix

Jay Prince - Trashy (Official Video HD) Maloon The Boom Remix

 1st video off the upcoming joint EP (Jay Prince x Maloon EP) which is out FEB 10th

Video Filmed & Directed by Yannick Monteiro (YM DESIGNS)

Dreamclub Music

SICKNESS MP (Rhyme Hatebeat) - REMIX TAPE - Vol. 2

"Rise Front Rise Recording Company is a full service, state of the art recording facility. Our newly renovated studio offers a comfortable, well-equipped control room, three isolation booths, and a spacious main recording room. We’ve combined acoustically tuned spaces along with a pristine signal path, a great vibe and experienced staff (not to mention a vast array of vintage microphones and tube equipment) to provide our clients with a great product at a very competitive price. specializing in modern hip-hop old school music. We do spec beat licensing as well as local in-studio recording, local and online mixing and mastering services, and will be launching an artist management and music distribution service in the near future.
Rise Front Rise Recording Company can assist with production, finding appropriate studio musicians or arrangers, mastering, artwork, one-offs and duplication of your finished product."

Complete Mixtape on ReverbNation:

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE Present - BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 9 - 13/01/2013

WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE Present           

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 9

Tracks from:

- Flatpocket
- Dela
- Profile & Grap Luva
- Pete Rock                                          
- Mr Brown
- Damu The Fudgemunk
- Quartermaine
- Doppelgangaz

Released: 13/01/2013

NEXT Vinyl Session - 27/01/2013 - Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE


Dela - Changes Of Atmosphere - LP 

J-Live, J. Sands, Elzhi, Miles Boney, Talib Kweli, Blu, Reach, Large Professor,...

released 23 January 2009
All tracks produced by Dela
Executive produced by David Phuong / Drink Water Music
A/R : Dela & Drink Water Music
Artwork by Ley / Photography by André
Mastered @ Sterling Sound by Chris Athens 


Melodiesinfonie feat. Fran-P - Dreams - 2012

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Review - ANTIDOTE RADIO - LIVE @ Home - 09/01/2013

REVIEW - Part # 3 - 09/01/2013 - ANTIDOTE RADIO - LIVE @ Home

BeatPete & HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat) on the 1 & 2's

Tracks from:
Green Butter, Five Deez, Presto & Captains, J-Live, Doppelgangaz, 

Raw Produce, Sound Providers & Surreal, Will Sessions, 
Monkey Sequence 19, Damu The Fudgemunk,...

30 Minutes Strictly Vinyl - Hip Hop & Beats 


REVIEW - Part # 2 - 09/01/2013 - ANTIDOTE RADIO - LIVE @ Home

Djeez (HitYaWitThat) on the 1 & 2's
Tracks from:
Buckwild, Frankenstein, DJ Krush,... ca. 60 Minutes


REVIEW - Part # 1 - 09/01/2013 - ANTIDOTE RADIO - LIVE @ Home

BeatPete (HitYaWitThat) on the 1 & 2's
Tracks from:
Flatpocket, KanKick, Lex de Kalhex, Dela, Eric Lau & Oddisee, Mr Brown, 
Quartermaine, Onra & Quetzal, Encore (RMX), Ambivalence 

Strictly Vinyl

Remy LBO - Back To Normal - EP - 7'inch

"Ah, the good ol' days. Armed with an MPC, some samples, and a healthy dose of exhaustion, I made a full length album (now unavailable), after work in someone 
else's studio. These are some of my favorite cuts off the full length."

released 09 May 2009 

1. Space Escapade
2. The Ivy - RMX
3. 1+1-1=1
4. What Part Of The Game (Instr.)
5. Tell This


Disko Dave - Old Cold Town - Beatmaking Video + Original

Disko Dave - Old Cold Town - Beatmaking Video

Sample from from Billy Preston's 1972 album "Music Is My Life"