Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 43 - Tape Deck Edition No # 2 - Presented by HHV.DE

HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 43 - Tape Deck Edition No # 2

The session includes some new vinyls from Damu The Fudgemunk and Twit One 
+ 2 tracks from Klaus Layer's "Es ist wir ein Kreis" (It's like a circle) tape 
(Redefinition Records).
Also tracks from Score34, Jneiro Jarel aka. Dr. Who Dat?, Budamunk, Metro, 

Carlos Nino & Lil Sci (John Robinson) feat. Flying Lotus & Invizible Handz,  
Repeat Pattern & Broke 



Released: 22/06/2014

DEPHECT (London) Presents: Simiah - Cloudy Memories Beat Tape / Part 2

Dephect (London):

"Cloudy Memories Beat Tape - Part 2' is a collection of Simiah's beats from 2010 to 2014. With a constant stream of new beat makers emerging all the time, Simiah always stands 
out from the crowd with his own distinct style, and in our opinion is one of the illest, most underrated artists on the scene. This mix is just a small slice of what's in store for the 
future as Simiah ensures us that there are some new projects surfacing soon."





Simiah - Cloudy Memories Beat Tape / Part 2 - (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Klaus Layer - No Pantomime (For The People Like Us)

Klaus Layer's "For The People Like Us" is now available digitally on iTunes, 
Bandcamp, etc. 

Vinyl & Tapes coming in July.



PVD & John Robinson - All Of The World (Official Video) from the full length release "Modern Vintage"

PVD (Pat Van Dyke) & John Robinson 
- All Of The World (Official Video)
from the full length LP/CD/Digi release 
"Modern Vintage".

Out now on Brick Records

Lyrics written by John Robinson
Music written, performed and mixed by Pat Van Dyke
Horns played by Brian Beninghove and  
Richard Polatchek
Stereo mastering by Mike Sampson

Live Band:
Josh David Barrett - Bass
Martin Moretto - Guitar
David Stolarz - Keys
Richard Polatchek - Trumpet
Brian Beninghove - Tenor Sax

Purchase Vinyl LP: 

Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

The Find Magazine Presents: Backyard Joints - Summer Edition - in Berlin, July 5th @ Panke

The Find Magazine:

"We’re stoked to officially present the summer 
edition of Backyard Joints in Berlin on July 5th. 
Celebrating the beauty of (independent) hip hop, 
beats, funk and soul with some international 
names live on stage:
Hip Hop crew Kalhex from Paris, emcee Pete Flux 
from the USA, and German emcee/producer duo
There are also MPC beat sets by Beatvadda 
(ENTBS) and Dude26 (Daily Concept), and 
DJ sets by the Backyard Joints/HitYaWitThat 
familia. Of course we are at the event as well.

Backyard Joints is dedicated to the best in 
grown up Hip Hop, beats, funk and soul. 
Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod 
and your feet itch. 
Each month founders Marian Tone and BeatPete 
bring you their highly contagious ‘dope on plastic’, 
with Panke (Berlin, Germany) as their home base. 
See you on the fifth of July?"

The event starts at 22.00h, but from the afternoon on you’re welcome in Panke’s 
backyard for music, drinks, food, sun, and pre-party good vibes. 

>> Line up <<


- Kalhex (Paris / FR)

- Pete Flux (Atlanta / USA)

- Dude&Phaeb (Leipzig / DE)


- Beatvadda (Entbs)

- Dude26 (Daily Concept)


- BeatPete (Backyard Joints / Vinyl Session)

- Marian Tone (Backyard Joints / Dooinit Music)

- Sotah

- HiFilLab (HitYaWItThat)


The Find Magazine: 

Panke (Berlin) 


BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 42 - Presented by HHV.DE


HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 42

Tracks from:

Beat Konducta, El Da Sensei & D Smooth, 
HouseShoes, Hex One & BBZ Darney, 12Vince, 
Mr. Dibia$e, Jonwayne, Damu The Fudgemunk, The Whitefield Brothers, 
The Heliocentrics feat. Percee P & MF Doom, Twit One 

Released: 08/06/2014

 Next VINYL SESSION - 22/06/2014

Ivan Ave & Mndsgn - Low Jams

"I did these songs with the homie. Wrote them in the winter. I care about them 
and wanted you to hear them now. These and other jams will be on my album 
dropping in the fall.
Mixed, mastered and engineered by Deckdaddy."

This playlist contains 4 tracks, total time: 11.14 


Ivan Ave & Mndsgn - Low Jams 


Lazy Jones - Caperucita Roja

Sit back and relax!!!

Lazy Jones - Caperucita Roja