Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

PHOTOS 03/05/2014 @ Panke (Berlin) - Backyard Joints Presents: FloFilz & Wun Two

Backyard Joints @ Panke (Berlin)

FloFilz & Wun Two

DJ's: BeatPete, Marian Tone, Educut & Radio Juicy DJ's

Visuals: TrashPuzzleBerlin & Awkart

BeatPete (Backyard Joints) - Vinyl Session - Part # 41 - Presented by HHV.DE

HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 41

Tracks from:

Wodoo Wolcan & Dave Sparkz, Jneiro Jarel, KanKick, 
Clutchy Hopkins, Budamunk, L'Orange & Homeboy Sandman, 
Oteest, K-Def, DJ Spinna, Mr. Dibiase & Quelle Chris, Millenium, Madlib

Released: 25/05/2014


NEXT Vinyl Session - 08/06/2014 - Presented by HHV.DE

DOPE ON PLASTIC - Blu - Clean Hand - Twit One Remix EP (Redefinition Records / HHV.DE 2014)

"What's the story? German producer / Hi-Hat Club member Twit One 
reimagined Blu's "The Clean Hand" (originally produced by Pete Rock
with his trademark sound and added 4 bonus beats (plus the remix instrumental) 
to create the exclusive "Clean Hand Remix EP". This 10" is the first official 
collaborative release between Redefiniton Records & HHV."


1 - Blu - The Clean Hand (Twit One Remix)
2 - Green Serge - Bonus Beat
3 - K-TX934 - Bonus Beat


4 - Kernseife - The Clean Hand Remix Instrumental
5 - Seitenstiche - Bonus Beat
6 - Spanish fly - Bonus Beat

All Songs Produced by Twit One.
Special thanks to Blu, Twit One and Ronald at HHV.

10" Vinyl Now Available Exclusively at…ne-remix-10

Twit One's Bio:…detail&id=327

SWISS UNDERGROUND DOPENESS - Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan - High Rollers

"High Rollers comes directly from the Swiss underground hip hop scene 
by Dave Sparkz and Wodoo Wolcan. The varied beats are decorated with 
hip-hop lyrics and classic acapella snippets. The result is a beautiful product 
with a variety of lo-fi jazz instrumentals and delicious classic hip hop as filling."

Music by Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan
Distributed by HHV.DE

Published by Urban Waves
Radio Juicy 2014

Released 21 March 2014 

Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan - High Rollers on 12" vinyl and tape!

Full stream on 


Montag, 12. Mai 2014

HHV.DE Presents: BeatPete & Wun Two - Vinyl Session - Part # 40 - Beatmaker Special

Vinyl Session Part # 40 features our last Backyard Joints guest Beatmaker 
and friend Wun Two on the SP404. Wun Two drops some fresh beats 
and a DOPE Biggie Remix.
Also tracks from Ray West & OC, Lewis Parker, Roc Marciano, 12Vince,
MED & Talib Kweli (Dexter RMX), Kidkanevil, FloFilz

BeatPete & Wun Two - Vinyl Session - Part # 40
Beatmaker Special

Presented by HHV.DE

210 Presents (UK): BeatPete (Backyard Joints) Interview & Guestmix

Interview and guestmix from the Backyard Joints Co-Founder BeatPete.

210 Presents (UK) Interview Link:

Guestmix includes tracks from:
Metro, Ill Treats & Glad2Mecha, KanKick, Ray West & OC, 

L'Orange, Mr Thing, Beatvadda, Freddie Joachim, Odd Goons, 
12Vince, MED & Talib Kweli (Dexter RMX), a cat called FRITZ,
The Roots & Common, Madvillain, Raw Produce, Simiah,...

Shorty82 - EnjoyTheMusic - Strictly Vinyl Mix

New STRICTLY VINYL mix from our polish homie Shorty82.
More than 1 hour DOPE ON PLASTIC - Enjoy the music!


1. The Ko’Rok Two - Get In On feat. Oxygen
2. Dooley-O - Break feat. Stezo
3. Ohmega Watts - Ode To Brooklyn feat. Dj Manwell
4. People Under The Stairs - Mean Spirited
5. The Good People - How I Represent
6. Dialectrix - Enjoy The Music feat. Dj Morgs
7. Rasheed Cheppel - Picasso In Print
8. K-Def - The Meeting feat. Blu
9. Silent Someone - 82 Lab Remix feat. Shaz Ill York, El Da Sensei & Oktober Zero
10. Lewis Parker - Race With The Devil feat. T.R.A.C. & Eastkoast
11. Soul Square - Heaven Knows feat. Jeff Spec
12. Joe Kickass - Average Joe
13. Diamond District - Get In Line
14. Rashad & Confidence - Pen On Display
15. Soundsci - Keep On
16. Moka Only & Chief - What To Do
17. Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats - Social Mix Up
18. Epidemic - Rhyme Writers
19. Vertual Vertigo - Air
20. Blame One & J57 - SD To BK feat. Yesh & Jared Tanel of The Budos Band
21. LMNO - On W/The Show
22. Marco Polo - R U Gonna Eat That feat. The Doppelgangaz
23. Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz - My Mic & Me (Dusty Remix)
24. Man Of Boom - Booom Steppers feat. Sandra Amarie

"Strictly Vinyl Underground Hip Hop mix dedicated to all vinyl heads!"

Mr Thing @ Boiler Room - Strictly Vinyl DJ Set

Mr Thing dropping some DOPE Funk tunes - STRICTLY VINYL - Enjoy!!!

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Upcoming BACKYARD JOINTS Guest DJ / Beatmaker: A Cat Called FRITZ (Paris / FR)

Here is a short description and some links from our upcoming June Backyard Joints 
guest DJ / Beatmaker A Cat Called FRITZ from Paris, France. 

"It’s been a couple of years that, in the dark alleys of a big city, the shadow of a lonely 
cat called FRITZ has walked anonymously in the crowd, and left his footprints in the 
indifference of the world around. Multifaceted artist, musician, beat maker & graphic 
designer, he follows his own direction."