Dienstag, 29. April 2014

03/05/2014 - BACKYARD JOINTS Presents: FloFilz & Wun Two @ Panke (Berlin)


Wun Two & FloFilz @ Panke (Berlin)

Backyard Joints:
Dedicated to the dopest Joints in grown up Hip-Hop, Beats, Funk & Soul. 
Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch.
Marian Tone & BeatPete bringing you their highly contagious Dope on plastic.



- Wun Two (Radio Juicy / Sichtexot)

Flying through your neighborhood in hyperspeed



- FloFilz (Radio Juicy)

Jazz sample based oldschool shit from germany



- Marian Tone (Backyard Joints / Dooinit Music)
- BeatPete (Backyard Joints / Vinyl Session)
- Educut
- Radio Juicy DJ's

- TrashPuzzleBerlin






BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 39 - Kalhex Special + Tracks from the Atlanta-Paris-Collab Pete Flux & Parental

HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 39 - Kalhex Special 

+ Tracks from the transatlantic collaboration between 
emcee Pete Flux (Atlanta / US) and producer Parental 
of Kalhex (Paris / FR).


- Intro
- Pete Flux & Parental - Foreplay
- Kalhex - Kalhex
- Pete Flux & Parental - Success
- Lex - Searchin'
- Lex - P.R.I.S.M.
- Kalhex - Le Temps Est Maitre
- Pete Flux & Parental feat Kalhex - True To The Art
- Kalhex feat. Grap Luva - Perspective(s)
- Hubert Daviz - Pokus Dope Ra - Lex de Kalhex Rework
- Lex - Do Your Thing
- Parental - Illness - Instr.
- Le Makizar (Kalhex) - Magic (Bonus Beat)

Released: 27/04/2014

KALHEX (Akromegalie Records / Paris / FR)

- Lex (MC / Producer)

- Parental (DJ / Producer)
- Le Makizar (MC / Producer)



Klaus Layer (Redefinition Records) - Another Season - 2014

New Beat from our friend and Backyard Joints guest Klaus Layer.

Another Season - PURE DOPENESS

Released: 27/04/2014

DJ Lyrik (Paris / FR) - My Lifestyle aka. The Music I Like To Listen To In My Headphones - Mixtape 2013

DJ Lyrik (Paris / FR) - My Lifestyle aka. The Music I Like To Listen To In My Headphones - Mixtape 2013

"This is the 4th Chapter of my mixed series, called My LIFESTYLE a.k.a. 
« The Music I like to listen to in my headphones ».
More than an hour MIX of hiphop, mostly from vinyls that I’ve gathered from 

small independent record shops during my roadtrip accross Europe over the 
last three months , …I like cratedigging, I love traveling…this is the soundrack 
of my summer 2012…
This mix is an independent hip hop music from 97' to nowadays. 
Hope you'll enjoy these tracks as much as I enjoyed mixing them! 
Save the vinyl!"

Tracks from:
Common, Oh No feat. Jose James & Phife Dawg, Maspyke, Jneiro Jarel,
Dabrye, I.G. Culture feat. John Robinson, Wax Tailor feat. The Others,
T-Love, DangerDoom, Blu & Exile, Ray West & AG, Prophetix,...

Complete Tracklist on Mixcloud 


Montag, 21. April 2014

BeatPete - Organic Grooves & Dusty Beats - Mixtape 2014


New 60 minutes STRICTLY VINYL mix from the Backyard Joints Co-Founder BeatPete

The mix features a bunch of new beats from Metro, Simiah, FredFades & Ivan Ave
Beatvadda, Dramadigs, Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan, Wun Two, Twit One
Klaus Layer, Kev Brown & Damu The Fudgemunk (Redefinition Records),...
Dope grooves from Clutchy Hopkins, Pat Van Dyke / PVD Music, The Heliocentrics,

and some timeless treats from Astrud Gilberto, Cortex, Minnie Riperton, Arthur Verocai, David Axelrod,...

Complete tracklist and free download on soundcloud.

Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange Music / US) - France & Germany Tour - Recap & Thanks

Here's a short video recap from Freddie Joachim's France & Germany tour.
Once again a BIG THANKS to Freddie Joachim for rocking the Backyard Joints!!!

DOPE ON PLASTIC: Koss & A.G. - Natural High EP - Whut Up Kid ?! Part Three (2014)

Koss & A.G. - Natural High EP - Whut Up Kid ?! Part Three

1) Natural High Feat Sadat X
2) Where It All Began
3) Above The Rest
4) Supernatural
5) Get It Baby
6) Live It Up
7) So Alive
8) Natural High Feat Sadat X (DJ Doom Remix)
9) Supernatural (Instrumental)
10) Supernatural (Acapella)

Produced By Koss
Written By A.G.

Recorded By Ray West & King Of Chill

Cuts By Koss & Bust
Mixed By Soulbrotha
Mastered By Alf
Photography By Ray Ishido
Cover By John-Most

2014 Reaaal Talk Records



First Word Records x Record Store Day - Nothing Leaves The House - Mr. Thing, Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau & Kidkanevil

"On a Saturday morning at the start of November 2013, First Word Records took 
3 of our favourite producers out of London to spend the day browsing through the 
vinyl shelves of the biggest record nerd we know - the incomparable Mr Thing.

This was the culmination of an idea that first manifested itself on Record Store Day 

2012. Like most ideas it was a natural conclusion to a conversation about records 
and music - kidkanevil had expressed a desire to dig through Mr Thing's sizeable 
collection for some inspiration. Chatting to Mr Thing it seemed unfair to limit this to 
only one producer - Tall Black Guy and Eric Lau were top of our wish list.

So - a double 7" (Mr Thing would make a beat too - they are his records after all) in 

time for Record Store Day 2013 (yes, we're a year late). There was however one 
stipulation about the records from the usually mild-mannered Mr Thing:

'The guys can sample anything they like, but Nothing Leaves The House....'

And who were we to argue.....

The result is four tracks that celebrate our love for record digging, sample chopping and 

the simple love of a dope beat."

This video gives you a taste of what went on!

Filmed by Ricky Kershaw and Jeff Metal.
Edited by Ricky Kershaw.

HHV.DE Presents: BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 38

HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 38

Tracks from:

Metro, Quasimoto, Gonso MPC, Darc Mind, 
Klaus Layer, FredFades & Ivan Ave, Arifacts,
Houseshoes & EXT aka. Rudy Eckes, Mood,
Lootpack / Madlib, Epidemic,  Twit One, 
The Purist, Mulatu Astatke
Released: 13/04/2014

Dudley Perkins feat MP the MC - Lung Specialist - produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow

Dudley Perkins (Declaime) featuring MP the MC
Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow.

Released: 20/02/2014

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

PHOTOS 05/04/2014 - BACKYARD JOINTS Presents: Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange Music / US)

BACKYARD JOINTS @ Panke (Berlin) 

Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange Music / US)

Marian Tone & BeatPete (Backyard Joints),  
Soulix (Beat Kollektiv) & HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)

TrashPuzzleBerlin & Adomas 

NEW VIDEO / BEAT: dude26 feat. Chop Ross - Swing The Brush Bob

dude26 "The Nightlife Instrumentals" (Vinyl and Tape)


DOPE ON PLASTIC: Metro - Metroit City - LP 2014

New mostly instrumental LP release from polish producer Metro.
Special guests Blu, Yancey Boys, DJ Twister, DJ Noriz, DJ Paulo, DJ Ace & DJ Ike.

Released: Queen Size Records 04/2014

Vinyl available @ HHV.DE