Sonntag, 26. März 2017

BeatPete & Boora - Vinyl Session - Part # 70 - Beatmaker Special

During his Berlin stay the Moscow based beatmaker and DJ Boora 
(KingUnderground / DOPE90) and BeatPete recorded installment 
number seventy of the Vinyl Session series.

Unreleased Beats, Soviet sample origins and wax by the likes of 
The Armenian TV & Radio Orchestra, Mr Brown, O'Donel Levy, 
Hulk Hodn, Madlib, The Al Gafa Quinteto, Pool Pah, Lewis Parker,
Allegro Jazz Ensemble. 

Presented by & Mellow Orange Music

Knxwledge - GREENTXTS.V1

Knxwledge - GREENTXTS.V1

Released: 21/02/2017

Radio Juicy S02E55 (Fusion by Lex de Kalhex)

Radio Juicy S02E55 - Fusion by Lex de Kalhex

All tracks in this mix produced by Lex de Kalhex

1. Crosswinds
2. Elevation (Lost Treasure)
3. Eleven Love
4. Future Self *
5. Beeing
6. Magnetic Waves *
7. Circulations feat. Shing02
8. Le Makizar - Mise En Forme
9. Feel *
10. Fade Away *
11. Infant Eyes *
12. Perfect Picture
13. Awane - Bande E Part feat. FK & Lex de Kalhex
14. Blue Nile
15. Eternal Quest feat. Uyama Hiroto 

* Unreleased Tracks

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

BeatPete - Spring Tape - Vinyl Mix

BeatPete - Spring Tape - Vinyl Mix 2017

Tracks from:
Piero Umiliani, Matthew Larkin Cassell, Madvillain, Metro, 
Georgy Whistler, INI, Fredfades, Ras G, The Blackbyrds, 
J Dilla, Dorothy Ashby, Placebo, KanKick, Klaus Layer, 
Hubert Laws, Jazz Liberatorz, Damu The Fudgemunk, 
Jimmy McGriff, Edan, K-Def, CoryaYo, Twit One,... 

Check soundcloud for the complete tracklist and free dl. 

Nasty Brother Ill Sugi - Glitch Of Life

New beat tape from Nasty Brother Ill Sugi.

The tape is a collection of beats made between 2015 and 2016.

Released: 19/03/2017 


Bugseed - E.S.T.

New beat tape from Bugseed.

Released: 17/03/2017


Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk - Never Be The Same

"Never Be The Same" by Insight and Damu The Fudgemunk from
their upcoming LP, Ears Hear Spears on Redefinition Records.

Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

BeatPete, Wun Two & Klaus Layer - KMAH Radio Session

During their UK trip, BeatPete, Wun Two and Klaus Layer visited the KMAH Radio studio
in Leeds for a two hour session. Klaus on the MPC and Wun Two on the SP404 droppin' 
bunch of known and unknown material. In addition BeatPete plays wax by the likes of
Bobby Hutcherson, Puccio Roelens, Lonnie Listen Smith, Roger Roger, Barry Forgie, 
Cortex, Motherlode, Torb The Roach, Hubert Daviz, 50 Grand, World Renown, digitalluc,
Eugene McDaniels, Jon Lucien, Lenny White, Jneiro Jarel, FloFilz, Yussef Kamaal,...

Recorded: 04/03/2017

Yotaro - Turning Point

Yotaro - Turning Point

Cascade Records

Released: 03/03/2017

Lex de Kalhex - Satori

Lex de Kalhex - Satori

Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Lex de Kalhex
Trumpet by Segawa Tatsuya
T-Sax & Additional keys by Uyama Hiroto
Mastered by Ryota Noguchi
Artwork by Alex Besikian 

Akromegalie Records:

Released: 08/03/2017