Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2016

Backyard Joints - BACKYARD UNIVERSE - Vinyl Mix - Mixed by BeatPete

This is how the Backyard sounds! New Backyard Joints mix from BeatPete.


Current and classic Hip Hop / Beat material plus a healthy dose of timeless treats. 
Including wax from Yogisoul, Philanthrope, Bugseed & Illsugi aka Nasty Ill brother,
Dil Withers & Tuamie, Mr Brown, Jonwayne, Hubert Daviz, Wodoo Wolcan, Mood,
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, KanKick, Homeliss Derilex, Wun Two, Madlib, 
Yusef Lateef, Puccio Roelens, Azymuth, Black Milk & Nat Turner Band, Catalyst,...

Ødyssee - Lost Sensations

Ødyssee - Lost Sensations

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

BeatPete, Wun Two & digitalluc - Vinyl Session - Part # 69 - Beatmaker Special

BeatPete's last Vinyl Session in 2016 features the two most recent Backyard Joints 
guests Wun Two & digitalluc.
Some known and some unreleased material plus wax by the likes of J. Dilla, Dibia$e, 
Boora & Mr. Robberhood, Plusma, Metro, Lazy Jones, Airto and Azymuth. 

Presented by
HHV.DE & Mellow Orange Music

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

FloFilz & Wun Two - White Walks - Beat Tape

Something to warm up to during or after a chilly winter stroll!

FloFilz & Wun Two - White Walks

Illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova

Jay Alpha - Opus de Alpha-ism

"Jay Alpha is a young producer from Brooklyn, New York. Opus de Alpha-ism is his 
debut record on Radio Juicy, an ode to classic jazz. Expect crispy and dusty beats 
with the mellowest of melodies."

All songs, written & produced by Jay Alpha 
Published by Urban Waves Records
Vinyl manufactured & distributed by hhv.de


Released December 15, 2016


Gilles Peterson Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set

Gilles Peterson on the decks at Gaslamp Killer's album celebration.

Boiler Room, Los Angeles 2016

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016

BeatPete - A Journey Into Sound - Volume #3 - Vinyl Mix

BeatPete - A Journey Into Sound - Volume # 3 - Vinyl Mix

Tracks from:

1. Intro
2. Pedro Santos - Agua Viva
3. Ambiance - Atiji
4. David Axelrod - Earth Rot Part II
5. Houseshoes - Broken
6. Madlib - Two Timer
7. Azymuth - The House I Lived In
8. David Axelrod - The Signs Part I
9. Quasimoto - The Unseen
10. Mr Brown - Carousel
11. Hot Chocolate - So Dam Funky
12. Larry Young - Turn Off The Lights
13. Slum Village - The Fat Cat Song
14. J. Dilla - Beat
15. Mr. Dibia$e - Ghostly
16. KanKick - You Go.Uno
17. The Blackbyrds - All I Ask
18. MF Doom - Licorice
19. Mr Brown - Mirage
20. Blu - Amnesia
21. Wun Two - Marineihro
22. Mr Brown - Taoist Moon
23. Hot Chocolate - What Should I Do
24. Puccio Roelens - Effuse
25. Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots
26. Dick Hyman & Mandy Mayo - They Can't Take That Away From Me

Dil Withers - Studies

Dil Withers - Studies

Beats and Collages from Dil Withers. Cover art from Nic Dahlen. 

Released February 26, 2016 

Vinyl / hhv.de: http://bit.ly/2g76Y2o


Pete Flux & Parental - What they need

New stuff from the Atlanta-Paris-Collab Pete Flux & Parental.

Written by: Pete Flux for Pete Flux Music LLC
Produced by: Parental for Akromégalie Records
Recorded, Mixed & Arranged by: Parental at Akromégalie Records, Paris
Mastered by: K-Def (K. Hansford)


Akromégalie Records http://bit.ly/2gzA2QQ

hhv.de http://bit.ly/2gNAIoP

Boora - Bring Back DOPE 90's - Mix

Great mix from the Moscow based DJ and Beatmaker Boora.

Boora - Bring Back DOPE 90's - Mix

1. Soviet Jazz- Unknown
2. Esp Elizarov & Adlib Swayze–Feel The High
3. George Fields - Worldwide (Instrumental)
4. Klim Beats - Rooftop
5. Mr. Oizo - Bobby Can't Dance
6. Pépé Bradock - Un Pépé Dans La Dentelle
7. Planet Ragtime –Breath And Stop
8. Mood - Hustle On The Side (Remix)
9. Azymuth - Partido Alto
10. Soul Surfers - T.S.S. Groove
11. Ronn Forella - Crystals
12. Howie B - On The Way
13. Mr. And–7 – Secret Lair
14. Willie Brown - Over The Hill
15. People Under the Stairs - We'll Be There (Instrumental)
16. Digable Planets - The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug
17. Figub Brazlevic - Do Ya Thang! (Whateva It Is)
18. Vital My_Style - Городской Вайб
19. Roy Ayers - Holiday (DJ Spinna Remix)
20. Klim Beats - Nautical
21. Greyeboy - Ruffneck Jazz
22. Andres - Must Be Organized
23. Boorane - Nocturne Outro 

Montag, 28. November 2016

LIVE AT HOME on KMAH Radio - Episode #13 - 27/11/2016 - Presented by BeatPete

Yesterday's show includes Jazz, Fusion, Funk and Soul from Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo,
Ian Carr's Nucleus, Lee Moses, The Impressions, The Sylvers, Ryo Kawasaki, Bill Evans,
Dorothy Ashby, Miles Davis, Fred Wesley & The JB's, Julius Brockington, Yuri Saulsky,
The Stark Reality, Mort Garson,...plus a bunch of Hip Hop and Beats by the likes of
KanKick, Wun Two, 4Trackboy & Echomann, Mr. Dibia$e, +ma, Dil Withers, Medline,
Ras G., Madvillain, digitalluc, Diverse, Le Makizar & Lex de Kalhex, Klaus Layer.


Episode #13 - 27/11/2016

Presented by BeatPete

wun two - morla hills

Dienstag, 1. November 2016

05/11/2016 at Panke (Berlin) - BACKYARD JOINTS presents: WUN TWO & DIGITALLUC


Backyard Joints:

Dedicated to the dopest Joints in grown up Hip-Hop, Beats, Funk, Soul and Jazz.
Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch.



 - Wun Two

- digitalluc


- BeatPete & Guests


Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V.
13347, Wedding, Berlin


KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 12 - 30/10/2016 - Presented by BeatPete / Guest DJ: Boora (RU)

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 12 - 30/10/2016 
Presented by BeatPete 
Guest DJ: Boora (RU)

Episode number twelve features a 60 minute vinyl guest mix from the Moscow based 
DJ and Beatsmith Boora (KingUnderground / DOPE90).
The guest mix starts at minute 58:50 and includes a bunch of rare Russian gems and 

some heavy beat material.

The first hour is a journey through Library Music, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Beats by 

the likes of Alessandro Alessandroni, Rino De Filippi, Sven Libaek, Madlib & Declaime, 
bsd.u, Freddie Joachim, Zion I & The Grouch feat. Goapele, Les McCann, Hubert Laws, 
Jazz Liberatorz & Asheru, BadBadNotGood, The LA Carnival, Wun Two, De La Soul, 
Piero Piccioni, Weldon Irvine,...

Wun Two - Halloween Party

New material from the upcoming Backyard Joints guest, Wun Two.


NEW VIDEO: Klaus Layer - Inner Earth Vibe - Restless Adventures

BeatPete - The Groove Merchant - Vinyl Mix (Mellow Orange Mix Series Volume # 3)

Mellow Orange Mix Series Volume # 3

BeatPete - The Groove Merchant - Vinyl Mix

Tracks from:
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Quetzal, Percee P, Wodoo Wolcan, Hubert Daviz,

Placebo, J Dilla, The Impressions, Marlena Shaw, James Reese & The Progressions,
Osmar Milito, Black Milk & Nat Turner, Jackson Conti, Banda Black Rio, The Trinikas, 
Cut Chemist & MED, Les Baxter, Edan, Roy Ayers, J.C. Davis, Mandrill, Twit One,...

Free audio download and complete tracklist available on soundcloud!

Hubert Daviz "Another Backstein Invazion" Volume 3 & 4 - Snippet by HulkHodn

From the vaults of Hubert Daviz - Volume 3 & 4 of "Another Backstein Invazion" 
including unreleased raw material from 2006 to 2015.

Snippet mixed by HulkHodn 

Vinyl / hhv.de

Fredfades - Mellow Madness

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 11 - 02/10/2016 - Presented by BeatPete / Guest DJ: Philanthrope

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 11 - 02/10/2016 
Presented by BeatPete 
Guest DJ: Philanthrope

The recording from Sunday's show features tracks from Ian Carr's Nucleus, 
Freddie Hubbard, Black Ivory, Madlib, Wun Two & Biggie, Flowtec, Hulk Hodn, 
ScienZe, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tamba 4, WAR, Motherlode, J Dilla, Pete Rock, 
Flying Lotus, Doug & Jean Carn, Catalyst, Puccio Roelens, Damu The Fudgemunk, 
Kool & The Gang, Yusef Lateef,...

The guest mix from Philanthrope starts at 1:12:52 with a timeless Piero Umiliani treat

followed by a bunch of new and current Hip Hop and Beat material from Wun Two, 
Kev Brown, DJ Drinks, Poptartpete, The Mouse Outfit, J Dilla, Kalhex, KanKick,
Presto & LOWD,...

Nasty Brother Ill Sugi - Back To Rock (Unreleased Beats)

Threefinger Beat Set Vol. 34 - Smog

Klaus Layer - La Futura (Society Collapse LP)

"La Futura" is from the upcoming Klaus Layer release "Society Collapse" 
on Redefinition Records.





Made In M - Lowrider

Montag, 26. September 2016

BeatPete & Philanthrope - Vinyl Session - Part # 68 - Beatmaker Special

HHV.DE & Mellow Orange Music present:

BeatPete & Philanthrope - Vinyl Session - Part # 68 - Beatmaker Special

Unreleased Material from Philanthrope plus wax by the likes of Knxwledge,
Soulmade, Hubert Daviz, Fat Jon, Mr. Dibia$e, Youtaro, DJ Pings, Lewis Parker,
Figub Brazlevic and Maxi Skratch.


KanKick - Serious BONUS This!

Produced / Mixed: KanKick

Mastered: DJ Romes


KanKick aka Kanzulu - Kan Cassette Vol. 2

The Funk Farm aka The Farm 1995 - 1997

Produced / Mixed: KanKick

Mastered: DJ Romes


Dienstag, 13. September 2016

KanKick aka Kanzulu - Kan Cassette Vol. 1

The Funk Farm aka The Farm 1995 - 1997

Released: September 12, 2016

Produced / Mixed: KanKick

Mastered: DJ Romes

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 10 - 04/09/2016 - Presented by BeatPete

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Presented by BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music)

Episode # 10 - 04/09/2016 

Installment number ten includes timeless treats from Joe Pass, Herbie Mann, Azymuth, 
The Trinikas, Les Baxter, Lenny White, Jimmy McGriff, Alice Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders,
Les McCann,...
classic Hip Hop Material by the likes of People Under The Stairs, KanKick, The Roots, 
J-Live, MF Doom,...
and a bunch of new and current releases from Mono:Massive & Philanthrope, Knxwledge,
Le Makizar, Freddie Joachim, Black Milk & Nat Turner Band, Boora & Mr. Robberhood,
Kenny Keys, Lex de Kalhex, Nasty Brother Ill Sugi,...

Baker's Dozen Vol. 3 - Wun Two

Fat Beats presents: 

Baker's Dozen - Vol. 3 - Wun Two 

"Every volume's 500-unit strictly limited vinyl pressing features one artist 
and twelve tracks, and comes equiped with a 5x7" postcard insert that
features a photo of the artist's workspace along with the equipment used
in their music-making-process."

Volume three highlights German producer Wun Two!

Released: September 09, 2016

+ma - Waver - LP

+ma - Waver

Limited to 200 Tapes and 100 Vinyl copies.

Released: September 09, 2016

Flughand - Gudina - LP 2016

Flughand - Gudina 

Limited Vinyl Edition

Released: August 26, 2016

Mono:Massive - Windy City

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

BeatPete - Sun Walkers - Einerfürdensommer - Vinyl Mix 2016

BeatPete - Sun Walkers - Einerfürdensommer - Vinyl Mix 2016

Summertime soundtrack with 21 sun influenced tracks by the likes of Onra, 
Roy Ayers, Lonnie Listen Smith, Yesterdays New Quintet, Freddie Joachim,
T-Love, KanKick, Twit One, Jneiro Jarel, James Reese & The Progressions, 
Klaus Layer, Mr Brown, Bugseed, Quasimoto, Simiah, Wun Two, dude26, 
Lewis Parker, Al Green, Kenny Barron

- Free audio download available 

Always Proper: Ray - Impressions

Ray - Impressions 

Released: August 22, 2016

Always Proper - AP019

KMAH Radio - LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 9 - 07/08/2016 - Presented by BeatPete

The ninth installment from BeatPete's monthly Radio show includes Jazz, Library Music, 
Bossa Nova, Funk plus a bunch of current and classic Hip Hop releases by the likes of 
Bo Hansson, Alain Goraguer, Dorothy Ashby, Jan Hammer, Rino de Filippi, Natural Life,
Milton Wright, K-Def, Soulmade Instrumentals, Knxwledge, Twit One, Yogisoul, KNYT,
Madvillain, Sergio Mendes, Herbie Mann & A. C. Jobim, Tin Tin, J. Dilla, Jneiro Jarel, 
Damu The Fudgemunk, The M-Tet, Lynn Williams, William DeVaughn, Syl Johnson,
George Duke, Fat Jon, Lone Catalysts,...

Snippet - Mono:Massive & Philanthrope - Monothrope LP

Mono:Massive & Philanthrope - Monothrope LP

All tracks produced & mastered by Mono:Massive & Philanthrope
Artwork & Layout by Alex Brade

Vinyl available via hhv.de
Snippet mixed by Philanthrope 

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 67 / Promo Mix - KingUnderground Special

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 67 / Promo Mix - KingUnderground Special

Solely music from the KingUnderground catalogue by the likes of Lewis Parker,
Yogisoul, Fredfades, Kristoffer Eikrem, Ivan Ave, Simiah, DJ Pings, Mr Brown,
Boora & Mr. Robberhood, Beatnick Dee,...

- VIDEO (Short Version / 26 Minutes)

- AUDIO (Long Version / 75 Minutes) 

Blunted Astronaut x Dusty Room - Zone - Duality

Blunted Astronaut x Dusty Room 

Zone - Duality 

Released: 23rd, August 2016

White tape edition (Audio cassette) available via Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

Sotah - Agua Azul - Vinyl Mix

New vinyl mix from the homie Sotah. The 2 x 45 minutes mix includes 
Jazz, Library Music and Beats by the likes of Jay Richford & Gary Stevan, 
Jeremy Steig, George Duke, Georgy Whistler, DDay One, Twit One, KanKick,... 

BeatPete & Damu The Fudgemunk - Vinyl Session - Part # 54 (Audio Version)

The audio version from BeatPete's Vinyl Session featuring 
last year's  Backyard Joints guest Damu The Fudgemunk 
is now available on Soundcloud.

Shout out to Redefinition Records!

Recorded: 22/02/2015


YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IL0houpzLY

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeatPete-108238735913954/videos

rob smyles (微笑) - s t r e s s e d

+ma feat. en rie - midfi morning

tusken. - drip'n

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2016

Soulmade - One For - Daily Concept 2016

Great new instrumental release from Soulmade.
"One For" includes 14 beats and is limited to 300 copies!

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

BeatPete - From Moscow With Love - Vinyl Mix 2016

BeatPete - From Moscow With Love - Vinyl Mix 2016

"All tracks in this mix are vinyl digs and gifts from my Moscow
trip in early July 2016 that I took with the homie Wun Two.
Russian, Bulgarian, Swedish and American Jazz, Funk and
Fusion from Oleg Kutsenko & His Jazz Group, Lyubomir Denev
& Petko Tomanov, Yuri Saulsky, Lars Sjoesten, Natural Life,...
meets some of Russia's finest Beatsmiths by the likes of 

Maxiskratch, Boora & Mr. Robberhood (KOVSH Beats)." 

Wun Two - Bird Of Paradise


Check the second release from the DOPE90's crew after the highly recommended
"Soviet Boom Bap" tape.
"Joint Flight" features beats from Smuff Tha Quiz, Klaus Layer, KOVSH Beats,

Boora, Wun Two, Vital Mastyle, Tusken, FloFilz, Made In M, Figub Brazlevic,
Planet Ragtime, JoDu, MadChe, Kosm, Frost,...

BeatPete - 3 A.M. - Beatstrumentals Volume # 3 - Late Night Edition - Vinyl Mix

BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music / Backyard Joints)
3 A.M. - Beatstrumentals Volume # 3 - Late Night Edition - Vinyl Mix

Tracks from:
Wun Two & Hubert Daviz, J. Dilla, Nasty Brother Ill Sugy, Budamunk, 
digitalluc, Mr. Dibia$e, CoryaYo, DJ Drinks, Flughand, Sleepy Eyes, 
DJ Spinna, Dramadigs & Relaén, Poptartpete, Bugseed, Emapea, 
dude26 & IAMPAUL, Phanatik Beats, Wodoo Wolcan, Madlib, 
Made In M & Juan Rios, Klaus Layer, FloFilz, Kev Brown, wuf,...

CoryaYo - 2000

CoryaYo - 2000

Released: September 29, 2015 

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

LIVE AT HOME on KMAH Radio - Episode 6, 7 & 8 - Presented by BeatPete

Recordings from BeatPete's monthly Radio show LIVE AT HOME on KMAH Radio

>>> LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 8 - 12/06/2016

Tracks from:

Andy Bey, WAR, Mariam Kidane, Joe Pass, Jackson Conti, Luiz Carlos Vinhas, 
Blackalicious, Budamunk, Bones The Beathead, Dr. Oop & Rogue Venom, dude26,
DJ Drinks, Mr Brown, Knxwledge & Blu, Poptartpete, Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins, 
I Marc 4, Cymande, The Highlighters, DJ Spinna, Slum Village, Ras G, DDay One, 
Vitamin D, Oh No, Mulatu Astatke, Hailu Mergia, Cortex, Joe Zawinul,... 

>>> LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 7 - 15/05/2016

Tracks from:

Bill Evans, Sven Libaek, Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Roy Ayers, Yusef Lateef, 
Hubert Laws, Mr Brown, Hezekiah, Achim Funk, Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat?, 
Madpete, J. Dilla, Lord Finesse, dude26, Ray West & AG, A Cat Called Fritz, 
Somepling, Sleepy Eyes, KanKick, Madlib, Reflection Eternal, Le Makizar,...

>>> LIVE AT HOME - Episode # 6 - 07/04/2016

Tracks from:

Sven Libaek, Andy Bay, R. Ducros & L. Simoncini, Placebo, Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes,
Mandrill, Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson, Yesterdays New Quintet, David Axelrod, 
The Blackbyrds, Jay Richford, Daniel Janin, Banda Black Rio, Grooveman Spot,
J. Dilla, DJ Mitsu The Beats, Sound Providers, Ray West & AG, Klaus Layer, Dela,
Lex de Kalhex, Chester Watson, Emapea, Nasty Brother Ill Sugi, Mr. Dibia$e, 
Adlib Swayze, Ill Treats & Audessey, Flughand, Simiah,... 

Echo Base TV - Episode # 3 - Mr Brown & Simiah

Mr Brown and special guest Simiah going back and forth playing random beats 
off their drum machines.

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 66

HHV.DE & Mellow Orange Music present:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 66

Tracks from:

DJ Drinks, Hubert Daviz, dude26, J. Dilla, 
Lewis Parker, Fat Jon, Ras G, Mr. Dibia$e, 
Wun Two, I Marc 4

Jonwayne - That's O.K.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Le Makizar "Schéma de vie" - Vinyl Promo Mix by BeatPete

Vinyl promo mix from Le Makizar's (Kalhex) solo debut "Schéma de vie".

Mixed by BeatPete 

The 2LP is available via Akromegalie Records, HHV. DE and Rockwell Product Shop.

Akromegalie Records


Rockwell Product Shop (JP)