Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Backyard Joints - Night Shift - Vinyl Mix - Mixed by BeatPete

The newest Backyard Joints mix includes a couple of tracks from past guests like 
Fredfades, Klaus Layer, 12Vince, Freddie Joachim, Hulk Hodn, dude26, Wun Two, 
a few Hip Hop classics from MF Doom, The Nonce, Sound Providers, INI, some
new vinyl releases by the likes of Hubert Daviz, Pigeondust, Glad2Mecha, Youtaro,... 

and a healthy dose of Funk & Jazz.

Backyard Joints - Night Shift - Vinyl Mix

Mixed by BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music)  

Sotah & Oskar Hahn - Vinyl x SP404

Nice back2back set from Oskar Hahn on the SP404 and Sotah on the decks.

emune & Mujo情 - SP-ecials

emune & Mujo情 - SP-ecials

Released January 26, 2016 

Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

BeatPete - Tranquility - Vinyl Mix 2016

The laid-back SRTICTLY VINYL mix includes a bunch of new tracks and 
some classic material by the likes of Ras G, Fredfades & Kristoffer Eikrem, 
Nasty Brother Ill S.U.G.I, Hubert Daviz, Sach, Georgy Whistler, 12Vince, 
Bugseed, CoryaYo, Poptartpete, Count Lazy & Funkbademeister, Youtaro,
Five Deez, Dramadigs, Made In M & Juan RIOS, Wun Two, Mr. Dibia$e,
Ol' Burger Beats, Quasimoto, KanKick, Bored Stiff, wuf,...

BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music / Backyard Joints) - Tranquility 

DUSTY ▼▲ - p o i n t o f v i e w.

Georgy Whistler - The Slow Movement - LP

"Georgy Whistler provides a 40 minutes break of pure listening pleasure. Step 
back, slow down, take your time, escape the city and enter the slow movement."

Vinyl copy plus a very limited Tape with 30 additional Georgy joints available
at Crooked Cat Records.

Nasty Brother Ill S.U.G.I - G.L.&M.E

Nasty Brother Ill S.U.G.I -  G.L.&M.E 

Released: 16/12/2015


RUSSIA GOT BEATS: KOVSH, Boora and Maxi Scratch - Outdoor Session