Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

BeatPete - Tranquility - Vinyl Mix 2016

The laid-back SRTICTLY VINYL mix includes a bunch of new tracks and 
some classic material by the likes of Ras G, Fredfades & Kristoffer Eikrem, 
Nasty Brother Ill S.U.G.I, Hubert Daviz, Sach, Georgy Whistler, 12Vince, 
Bugseed, CoryaYo, Poptartpete, Count Lazy & Funkbademeister, Youtaro,
Five Deez, Dramadigs, Made In M & Juan RIOS, Wun Two, Mr. Dibia$e,
Ol' Burger Beats, Quasimoto, KanKick, Bored Stiff, wuf,...

BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music / Backyard Joints) - Tranquility 

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