Sonntag, 22. September 2013

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 25


BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 25

Tracks from:

Mad Skillz, Quasimoto, Epidemic, K-Def, Midnight Eez, Julius Brockington,
Twit One, Parental & Pete Flux, Lex de Kalhex

Released: 22/09/2013

NEXT Vinyl Session - 13/10/2013 - Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE

Kev Brown - Brazil Dedication [Instrumentals] (Yellow Vinyl 10")

"Kev Brown recently traveled to Brazil to do some shows.  He planned to stay for 
a week or two ... but things changed, and Kev ended up sticking around for two 
whole months! While he was out there, he made this dope instrumental record."

Blunted Beats Vol.3 Featuring Foka // 7"

This E.P. is part of the 'Blunted Beats' international series - a set of short recordings 
being released with the aim of helping to shine light on some of the most talented, 
up-and-coming Hip Hop producers from across Europe.
In this volume, we present to you Foka from Łódź, Poland. Other countries covered 

in this series include Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Side A:
1. Insomnia

2. Layers
3. Constant Fear

Side B:
1. 2AM

2. Suspended Animation
3. Peace Of Mind

300 copies pressed.

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

HiFilLab - Lab # 8 - Mix 2013

New short mix by the HitYaWitThat DJ-Crew Member, HiFilLab.

Tracks from:

1. Bone The Beat Head – Pacaya
2. 9th Wonder & Pete Rock – City Star Srut (Instrumental)
3. Bones The Beat Hade – Back & Forth
4. Rambunk Killclaw Squires – Rambunctious
5. BonstonBeatdown – It Ain't Hard To Tell (remix)
6. AbnormaL Injustice – Eve Break
7. Bones The Beat Head - Lonesome Road
8. DJ Hellblazer - Class Differencies 

9. Planet Ragtime – Rip & Glue
10. Deeb – Blow Out
11. Infinititskills – Taken it Down
12. Jazz Spastiks – True Sound


Live from Echo Base - Podcast - September 2013 - Mr Brown & BeatPete

Live from Echo Base - Podcast - September 2013 - Mr Brown & BeatPete

Part # 1 - Mr Brown (King Underground Records) (UK)

Tracks from:
Divine Science, AZ, J-Zone, Youtaro Nusaro, Earl Sweatshirt, KA, Mr Brown,
Jeru The Damaja, Simiah, K-Def, Oh No, Tommy Koi, Kan Zulu, Klaus Layer,
Fred Fades & Ivan Ave, Homeboy Sandman, Planet Asia, JForce

Part # 2 - BeatPete (HitYaWitThat / Backyard Joints)

Tracks from:
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson, Julius Brockington, Midnight Eez, Real Life,
Damu The Fudgemunk, Brand New Heavies & GangStarr, O.C., K-Def, Score 34,
Klaus Layer, People Under The Stairs, Dexter, Organized Konfusion, Dwig,
Marian Tone, J. Dilla 

Montag, 9. September 2013

DOPE ON PLASTIC - Epidemic - Somethin' For Tha Listeners - LP - 2013

"Epidemic's junior release "Somethin' For Tha Listeners" brings to light yet another dimension of the duo's creative abilities. With soundscapes profoundly reminiscent of 
one of Hip-hop's most esteemed eras (the 90's), the two MC's move away from their traditionally abstract and complex concepts, into more concrete, down to earth, and real world themes. Keeping their trademark multi-syllabic, rapid fire style of rap, this time 
around they chose beats with fairly slower tempos to ensure that their messages were clearly understood. All tracks on the album were mindfully crafted by a virtually unknown 
yet highly talented west coast beatsmith who goes by the name of Esco. Bringing to the table an authentic golden era sound, as well as adding a touch of west coast flavor, he provides a perfect musical backdrop for Epidemic to drop some of their slickest, most heartfelt, and witty rhymes to date. Somethin' For Tha Listeners was constructed to be played throughout without the skipping of any tracks. All songs fit like integral parts of a puzzle to create one of the smoothest listening experiences in Hip-hop since the 90's. Whether you're kicking back with some headphones on, driving in a car, or listening at 
home with your system bumping, this album promises to take you to another time and 
place with its smooth boom-bap production, peppered with grain and vinyl static, while stimulating your brain's left hemisphere with intellectual, content-heavy rhymes. 
The album includes a fan favorite bonus track titled "Nothin' Matters" produced by 
affiliate B.B.Z. Darney as well as DJ cuts on most tracks by DJ Tha Boss, and scratches 
on "One Life" by Dixie." 

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 24 - Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE


BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 24

Tracks from:

- Intro
- Funkdoobiest- DJ Eclipse RMX
- Score 34
- K-Def
- Mr Brown
- Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow
- Damu The Fudgemunk
- Homeliss Derilex
- Mr Brown

Released: 08/09/2013


NEXT Vinyl Session - 22/09/2013 - Presented by WORD IS BOND & HHV.DE

J-Zone In the Studio: Limitations and Mistakes

J-Zone avoids technical perfection and uses outdated, obsolete and broken equipment 
to record his new album, Peter Pan Syndrome.
Pre-order Peter Pan Syndrome at
Release date 09.05.2013