Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

DOPE ON PLASTIC: Count Bass D & DJ Crucial In This Business EP - 2013

Artist: DJ Crucial & Count Bass D
Album: In This Business EP

Released: 2013

Vinyl available @ HHV.DE


BeatPete (Backyard Joints) - Vinyl Session - Part # 33 - Presented by HHV.DE

HHV.DE Presents:

BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 33

Tracks from:

- Intro
- Vitamin D.
- Baby Huey
- Cris Williamson
- Wes Montgomery
- Cortex
- Syl Johnson
- Onra
- Grover Washington Jr.
- Wun Two
- Cortex
- Klaus Layer
- Freddie Joachim
- Wun Two
- The Heliocentrics
- Cortex

Released:  26/01/2014

NEXT Vinyl Session - 09/02/2014 - Presented by HHV.DE

CASSETTE TAPE - Grap Luva - Neva Done

The legendary Grap Luva's Highly sought after and critically acclaimed "Neva Done" 
is available on cassette for the first time ever!
All songs produced by Grap Luva (Pete Rock's bro and cousin of the late, great Heavy D).


SIDE A - Vocal & Instrumental Tracks

01 - Work Is Never Done 02:08 (Produced by Damu the Fudgemunk)
02 - Neva Done - Vocal Version 03:51 (Produced, recorded & Mixed by Kev Brown)
03 - Neva Done - Instrumental 03:53
Work It Out - Vocal Version 02:27 (Produced by Joc Max, Recorded & Mixed by Damu)
04 - Work It Out - Instrumental 02:05

SIDE B - Instrumentals Produced by Grap Luva on the SP1200, 
Recorded & Mixed by Damu

05 - Pieces Of A Drum 02:58
06 - Keywaves (Piano Waterfall) 02:32
07 - Rocking With Elegance (One For Damu) 02:26
08 - Lion's Walk 02:02
09 - Make 'Em Clap (Classic Issue) 02:54
10 - West Side Highway 02:11

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Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

THE FIND MAGAZINE Presents: BeatPete (Backyard Joints / Berlin) - Beatstrumentals - Mix

New mix from the Backyard Joints Co-Founder, BeatPete. This time a guest mix for
The Find Magazine. As always STRICTLY VINYL.

"Berlin’s BeatPete, an active DJ in the underground hip hop scene, has graced 
The Find with a new strictly vinyl guest mix from his crates of instrumental records. BeatPete lays down instrumentals from some of the finest producers around like 
Madlib, Damu The Fudgemunk, and Kankick, and also makes sure to represent his homeland of Germany with cats like Hubert Daviz, FloFilz, Wun Two, Klaus Layer
Twit One, Dexter, Beatvadda, and Jay Spaten.
In case you didn’t know, Germany has one of the craziest hip hop scenes in the world 
right now. Just look at labels like Sichtexot, ENTBS, Radio Juicy, and of course tons of independent artists on that jazz hop tip. If you ever get a chance, check out BeatPete’s monthly beat night in Berlin (Backyard Joints), a fantastic event showcasing some of Europe’s illest beat heads."

BeatPete - Beatstrumentals - Mix

Tracks from:

1. Intro
2. Damu The Fudgemunk - Leo The Gemini (Leo Part 1 2012 Update)
3. KanKick - Continued Togetherniss
4. Freddie Joachim - One Foot Forward
5. FloFilz - Nichtwirkich
6. Lex de Kalhex - Elevation (Lost Treasure)
7. Klaus Layer - Es Ist Wie Ein Kreis (It's Like A Circle)
8. Question - Alone
9. KanKick - The Tribes Chant
10. Twit One - Geteertundgefedert
11. MF Doom - Lovage
12. Damu The Fudgemunk - Not So Young Anymore (Byte 2)
13. The Doppelgangaz - Rhyme 4 Rhyme
14. Freddie Joachim - Let Go Now
15. FloFilz - Brechmittel
16. K-Def - Touching Realness
17. Beatvadda - Klik Bamm Sample Eins
18. The Doppelgangaz - Horny Toad
19. Klaus Layer - Immer Noch Hungrig (Still Hungry)
20. Madlib - Belly Full
21. Dexter - Never Knew
22. Damu The Fudgemunk - Pulsating (Pulse Remix 2012 Update)
23. Jay Spaten - Beat
24. George Fields - Late Night Drive Part 2
25. Vitamin D. - Rotating The Hips
26. Odd Goons - Shiva
27. Twit One - Die Ewigen Jagdgruende
28. Kev Brown - A Melodia
29. Lazy Jones - Party Pupa
30. FloFilz - Tito
31. Wun Two - Arbenk
32. Lex de Kalhex - Godspeed
33. Vitamin D. - That's One Sly Fox
34. J-Zone - Molotov Cocktail
35. KanKick - Shrooming Birds Morning Song
36. Twit One - All Night / All Day
37. Onra - Hope
38. Jay Spaten - Beat
39. Hubert Daviz - Circ


Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz - My Mic & Me (Dusty / Jazz Liberatorz) RMX

ARTIST: Audessey & A Cat Called FRITZ
PRODUCED BY: Dusty (Jazz Liberatorz)
DIRECTED & EDITED BY: Rick Foy (Dvid Films)
TITLE: My Mic & Me (Dusty Remix)
LABEL: Slice Of Spice

"A New Day" by Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz is taken from their debut EP 
"Beats Per Minute", on Slice of Spice Records. Follow the links for more information... 

Buy vinyl collector set: 

Buy digital:


Was Zündet? (What's "Das Zündet?")

"Alright you Freaks, Boogie Friends & Fiends, European Rare Groove Crateateers, Beatmakers, Modern Funk Aesthetics, Vinylogists and good lookin Party People 
on the Floor: 

Free your mind for DAS ZÜNDET – a new melting pot of good music, created by 
a funky bunch of characters out of Berlin who grew up together and still share nothin 
but the love for music. Everyone of us has somehow specialized into certain genres – 
but in the end everything is on the one. 

On board we have the Producers, Discjockeys, Collectors and Music Lovers 
Klaus Layer, Toni Clarke, Diskohengst Shizlaweng, Will Spliff, Achim Funk, Carl Edit
and Aaron Habits who on the one side will present to you firing Beats, no matter if psychedelic-inspired, soulful-flavoured, heavy synth'n'bass-driven or just funky as hell 
like your socks after one of their live shows.
Furthermore we will satisfy your needs for Rare-Vinyl-Mixes, Podcasts, Reviews and whatever else we think could be of importance to nationalize the Groove.

Ahh, and if you're wondering what DAS ZÜNDET means, its may best described as the moment when a baad slammin funk jam hits your booty and you know its time to bust a move."

"Shuffle" by Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab (FR)

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

DOOINIT MUSIC & HHV.DE Present: BeatPete & J-Zen - Vinyl Session - Part # 32 (Beatmaker Special)


BeatPete & J-Zen - Vinyl Session - Part # 32  - Beatmaker Special (SP 404)

Track from:

- Intro
- Twit One
- Pseudo Slang & Trucker Stroe
- FloFilz
- J-Zen (SP 404)
- Klaus Layer
- Damu The Fudgemunk
- Xtracts Of Slang
- Marian Tone
- J-Zen (SP 404)
- A Cat Called Fritz
- KanKick
- KanKick

Released: 12/01/2014


NEXT Vinyl Session - 26/01/2014 - Presented by HHV.DE

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Danny Watts - Messenger Series Vol.1 & Poetic Effusions (Video)

"Proud to present to you Volume 1 in our Messenger Series [A series of releases showcasing up and coming MC's from around the globe that are projecting a conscious message that radiates with us here at CC]. Volume 1 showcases the intellectual poetry of Danny Watts, a recording artist out of Houston, Texas & a Member of the New Thought Movement."

Tracks produced by: Ohbliv, KVZE, Pop TartPete, Tony Douglas, Jublet & Noah B.

Released: 10/08/2013


Danny Watts - Poetic Effusion (prod. by KVZE) Official Video


PHOTOS 04/01/2014 - BACKYARD JOINTS - Dooinit Music Label Night & BeatPete's Birthday @ Panke (Berlin)

Dooinit Music Label Night & BeatPete's Birthday Special

Dedicated to the dopest Joints in Grown Up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk & Soul. Creating a Sounscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch. Backyard Joints is inviting you to a night filled with auditory treats and visual feasts.

Beatmaker Line Up:

- J-Zen (Dooinit Music) (FR)
- Marian Tone (Dooinit Music / Backyard Joints)


- BeatPete (Backyard Joints / Vinyl Session)
- Marian Tone (Dooinit Music / Backyard Joints)
- HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)
- Sotah 


SOON AVAILABLE - DOPE ON PLASTIC: Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats - Hello' - LP

Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats - Hello'
Mellow jazzy vibes brought to you by Phoenix native Glad2Mecha on the M.I.C. 
and Brighton's talented beatsmith Ill Treats with their collab full-length "Hello". 
20 tracks with guest spots by Cadence of Raw Produce, Moka Only, Rasco
Sinuous and others.

Released 01 January 2012 

All scratches by ILL Treats except for Moving Above which features OMC on cuts 
and ILL Treats
Mastered by ILL Treats and Glad2mecha

Limited 2xLP available and released by HHV Records

Pre-Order Here 

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014


Dooinit Music Label Night & BeatPete's Birthday

Dedicated to the dopest Joints in Grown Up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk & Soul. Creating a Sounscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch. Backyard Joints is inviting you to a night filled with auditory treats and visual feasts.

Once again, it’s time to celebrate, BeatPete is turning 31!

What better way to celebrate then to bring to you J-Zen from the french label 

Dooinit Music, alongside the Backyard Joints Co-Founder and Dooinit Music
label mate Marian Tone together in one place.
The DJ's for the evening are your Backyard Joints Hosts, BeatPete & Marian Tone 

and HiFilLab from the HitYaWitThat DJ-Crew.    


Beatmaker Line Up:

- J-Zen (Dooinit Music) (France)

J-Zen is a French producer who has been fascinated by the world of soul, jazz, funk, 

and world music since his record-collector father offered him his first LP at the age of 
seven. From then on, he developed an insatiable appetite for music any kind of music and transformed that inspiration into his own genre-defying brand of songcraft. 
This eclecticism can be easily heard in the young producers compositions. At the age of 12, he learned to play bass guitar before discovering Rza, DJ Premier and Jay Dee. These artists proved to be a revelation.

His originals mixes and musical knowledge allowed him the honor to open for some 

of the greatest in the game:
Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, and Pharoahe Monch to name a few. 

In 2004 he got a Mpc200xl and decided to create his own vision of Hip Hop: 
A mix of samples (soul, jazz, rock), fat beats, and heavy basslines. 

 - Marian Tone (Backyard Joints / Dooinit Music) 

 DJ Line Up:

- BeatPete (Backyard Joints / Vinyl Session) 

 - Marian Tone (Backyard Joints / Dooinit Music)

HiFilLab (HitYaWitThat)