Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014


Was Zündet? (What's "Das Zündet?")

"Alright you Freaks, Boogie Friends & Fiends, European Rare Groove Crateateers, Beatmakers, Modern Funk Aesthetics, Vinylogists and good lookin Party People 
on the Floor: 

Free your mind for DAS ZÜNDET – a new melting pot of good music, created by 
a funky bunch of characters out of Berlin who grew up together and still share nothin 
but the love for music. Everyone of us has somehow specialized into certain genres – 
but in the end everything is on the one. 

On board we have the Producers, Discjockeys, Collectors and Music Lovers 
Klaus Layer, Toni Clarke, Diskohengst Shizlaweng, Will Spliff, Achim Funk, Carl Edit
and Aaron Habits who on the one side will present to you firing Beats, no matter if psychedelic-inspired, soulful-flavoured, heavy synth'n'bass-driven or just funky as hell 
like your socks after one of their live shows.
Furthermore we will satisfy your needs for Rare-Vinyl-Mixes, Podcasts, Reviews and whatever else we think could be of importance to nationalize the Groove.

Ahh, and if you're wondering what DAS ZÜNDET means, its may best described as the moment when a baad slammin funk jam hits your booty and you know its time to bust a move."

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