Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012


Maloon TheBoom is a Zürich based Producer/Musician.
He's going to release his first Ep called "Critical Mind EP".
Maloon TheBoom first came in touch with producing in 2008.
His unique groove and his combination of crispy banging drums and smooth deep 
melodic coalesced with brilliant use of samples sets him upon others.
Clearly influenced by the golden age of Hip Hop and Jazz/Soul/Blues, he creates an individual music style in a uncommercial musical movement.
His forthcoming Ep includes a couple of fresh remixes and tasty tunes.
Critical Mind offers great music for anyone.
“The message coming with the Ep is to think critical - meaning that everyone 
should have his OWN opinion basing on love and a critical view of the world. 
This is what I want to express with my music on this Ep.“
Maloon TheBoom
“If you haven't heard of this young talented producer before, you definitely should check him out!“ Boyoom Connective

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