Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Mr Brown - Beats 4 Days - LP 2011

Mr Brown takes us back to the golden age of hip hop in his own special way, 
giving you a slice of whats sorely missing in Hip Hop these days. 
The first in a 3 part instrumental series 'Beats for Days: an Instrumental Ep' 
does exactly what it says on the sleeve, 10 tracks of funky, dusty, boom bap 
Instrumentals for your listening pleasure. 

Available on limited edtion 12" Vinyl and Digital download.

released 25 February 2011 
Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by 
Mr Brown @ ECHO BASE - HOTH 

Limited edition 12" Vinyl (only 200 pressed) 

Each hand numbered by Mr Brown (both sleeve & label) 

FREE digital download card for 'Beats for Days' included with all vinyl orders.

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