Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Klaus Layer - New Video & 10" Vinyl (Redefinition Records)

Journey Of Klaus Layer

Klaus Layer - Es ist wie ein Kreis (It's like a circle) - 10"LP (Redefinition Records)

Europe has long been home to disciples of the East Coast sound, and Germany’s 
Klaus Layer is one of the most emergent of recent times. His late-summer debut, 
The Adventures of Captain Crook (Redefinition), cemented his trans-national appeal 
and saw the start of new collaborative efforts with underground favorite Blu
With his latest record, Es Ist Wie Ein Kreis (Its Like A Circle), Klaus continues his 
body of work with six instrumentals embodying his inspirations of dense boom-bap constructs and psychedelic sensibilities. Highly recommended. 

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