Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

SOON ON VINYL: Fredfades - Remixes 12"/EP (Audio Snippets) (King Underground Records)

Fredfades 'Remixes' vinyl version white label. Includes exclusive remixes.

For this project Fredfades remixes nine of his favorite rap songs. Dense layers of samples from hard to find records, crisp drums and ruthless bass lines are some of the ingredients Fred uses to create new versions of these Hip-Hop gems. Some of them seem to have come out edgier and more interesting than the original songs. Legendary to some, obscure to others, all the acapellas have been laced with the jazzyness Fades has become known to represent. All beats via one were produced on the cult status SP1200 machine (the Street Smartz beat was produced using the MPC 2000XL). The result is a wide range of super tight raps and the distinct and consistent style of a young producer with an old soul. If you appreciate timeless rap flows over some bold reinventions of the "golden era sound", this is a must cop record!

Coming soon:…es-remixes-ep

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