Dienstag, 18. November 2014

J-Zone: Lunch Breaks - Promo Part 1 - Presented by Redefinition Records & The Drum Broker

"Redefinition Records sat down with the multi-talented J-Zone at his Queens NY studio 
for a conversation about his musical roots, why he started playing drums, and the ideas 
behind his latest project, "Lunch Breaks"


Enter the world of J-Zone, the self-proclaimed jack of all trades / master of none 

(mc / producer / drummer / author). Truth be told, Zone is one of Hip Hop's most 
underrated artists. The Queens NY native earned his stripes as an MC / producer 
with a string of unique and critically acclaimed albums in the late 90's-2000's on 
Fat Beats Records before taking a hiatus from music. Zone recently made an impact 
as an author, with his honest and humorous look at his experiences in the music biz in 
"Root For The Villain." Since then, J has seemingly recharged his battery and jumped 
back into the music biz with more enthusiasm than ever, releasing a full-length album 
called "Peter Pan Syndrome" in 2013, and more recently, the thought provoking anti-hater 
anthem, "Map Rap" on 7" vinyl. J has also been DJing popular parties from NY to Chicago 
including the NY nightlife staple, Mobile Mondays.

Redefinition Records & The Drum Broker are proud to bring you J-Zone's 'Lunch Breaks' 

on vinyl & cassette formats. What is lunch breaks? It's a compilation of original and familiar 
drum breaks performed and recorded by J-Zone. This break record/album is a must have 
for any drum aficionado, beatmaker, producer, or J-Zone fan. As a writer, producer, MC, 
and now Drummer, the "Chief Chinchilla" has earned himself a cult following that deserves 
nothing less than full attention.

These are must have drums, especially for sampling producers, DJs and production enthusiasts. Includes 9 bonus tracks not available on the digital version."

Vinyl and cassette at Redefinition Records:  

Vinyl and cassette at HHV.DE

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