Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Youtaro - Color - 10' LP - Preview Mix

 Youtaro - Color - 10' LP - Cascade Records

"Minimal, lo fi, bump, R n B, Hip Hop, hypnotism, beats, Rhodes, chill, smoke, 
sip, love,... These are words that you will understand in new ways after listening 
to Youtaro's Color EP.
Walking shoulder to shoulder among talented peers such as Budamonk and illsugi 
in Japan's small Hip Hop informed beat community, you're definitely gonna want this 
limited run, future classic in your record collection (if you don't buy vinyl it might be 
time to start). We wish you well and hope you have a minute to pause and enjoy the 
moments on Color with us. Thank you.

Very Special thanks to Koga Hidenori for the amazing collage used as this album's 
cover art."

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