Samstag, 21. März 2015

Graf Cratedigger - Journey / Evolution - LP 2015

Graf Cratedigger - Journey / Evolution

Queen Size Records, 2015

"In the times of hundreds of announcements, view counter races, omnipresent promotional 
propaganda, so called “independent scene” being much closer mainstream pop music than
to uncompromising vanguard, Graf Cratedigger is doing his always own thing, never rushed
to release next project. Queen Size Records is pleased to announce the arrival of his new 
creation „Journey / Evolution”.  This time Graf has decided to take You on a spectacular 33 
RPM trip to the unknown. The main  concept behind the album can be expressed by the 
equation: Journey = Evolution = Searchin’ = Creadiggin'. 
Graf Cratedigger is joined by live musicians, DJ's and MC's from Poland, USA and Canada. 
The spectacular artwork and visual presentation is the creation of Sainer from Etam Cru
The album is released on chocolate colour vinyl and comes with a large poster and 
download code for high quality digital format. Chocolate vinyl edition is limited to: 
100 copies."

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