Samstag, 11. August 2012


Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik LP [VINYL/2LP] (2012) 
Bugseed 1st Instrumental Hip Hop Beats Album "Bohemian Beatnik LP" is re-release on vinyl 2LP by Independent Beatcasting x Manhattan Records. You can pre-order the vinyl now, it will be released in the second half of August! also you still can download this album from the bandcamp page for "name your price".

A1 Harlot
A2 Tear Loose
A3 Crisis Management
B1 Travelog
B2 Shuttlecock
B3 Quietude
B4 Butterfly Stroke
C1 Stand Alone
C2 Enough And To Spare
C3 Secret Diplomacy
C4 Soul Diggin
D1 Stimulated Emission
D2 Summer In The City
D3 Galaxy Express
D4 Soul Diggin Pt.2
ALL Tracks Produced By Bugseed
Artwork By Bugseed
Distribute By Manhattan Records
Independent Beatcasting
Manhattan Records

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