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Always an avid listener and collector of hip hop, jazz, and soul music, Freddie finally began djing in ’96, which slowly progressed into recording and production, and musicianship. Since then, he has continued to produce and collaborate with many artists.
Freddie released his first full-length, In With Time, in the Spring of 2008, exclusive to Japan label, Subcontact. The album featured such artists as, Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), BluOthelloProfile (Sound Providers), Choice37,Surreal, and more. 
In Summer of 2010, Freddie continued his instrumental album series with the release of Midway. The album was the first featured artist’s album on the San Francisco based label, Mellow Orange
Freddie, along with friend, Yusai, now run Mellow Orange, which has releases in North America, Japan, Korea, and Europe.  Freddie continues to release instrumental albums with Mellow Orange.  And his anticipated album,Fiberglass Kisses, is scheduled for release in Summer of 2012, featuring such artists as, Miles BonnyMarL. Santiago, Carlitta Durand, and J. Mitchell.  

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