Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Marian Tone - Soul Girl (Video) + EP ONE

Marian Tone - Soul Girl
Video made by Trashpuzzle Berlin

Director/editor: Christian DietrichI
llustration: Andreas Bachmann
Photographie: Sulamith Sallmann
Additional Graphics: Sebastian Raunitschke & Michael Jacob

All Songs are produced and arranged by Marian Tone
Musicians: Natali Funk (Sax), Keys Richards (Keys), Tilman Tschacher (Bass/Guitarron), 
Sabine Bremer (FX Violin)
Mastering: Robert Wenzel
Artwork: Trashpuzzle, Simon Burkhardt
Special Thanks goes to all my friends who supports me and my music!

released 22 June 2013

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